Wonder Mullet… What Is The Secret of Your Power?

The Cincinnati Reds are rocking the NL Central, thanks in no small part to Bronson Arroyo.  Having just pitched a complete game and having 2 RBIs of his own, I’m wondering if there isn’t something magical going on with Arroyo.  Perhaps it’s that wonderful mound of business frontage, and party backage!

Play-off beards are great for the NHL, but mullets – MLB owns mullets!!!

Today dear friends we present to you an all-star line-up of mullet magic… thank you baseball, thank you!

Rod Beck

Mark McGwire

Mike Piazza

Dennis Eckersley

Randy Johnson

John Kruk

Curt Schilling

Doug Drabek

Pete Incaviglia

Mitch Williams

Darren Daulton

Moose Haas

Robin Yount

George Brett

Rob Deer

Larry Walker

Mickey Morandini

8 thoughts on “Wonder Mullet… What Is The Secret of Your Power?

  1. If the mullet is really the key, maybe McGwire should make the Cards grow their hair out as part of his hitting coach instruction. It’s not like anything else is working right now. *sigh*

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  3. Nice to see Dazzle’s gorgeous ginger mane but couldn’t you have found a photo of him when he was with the Twins?

  4. Zane Smith! I remember me & my dad always laughing because he looked like Daryll (not his brother Daryll or his other brother Daryll) off Newhart.

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