The NBA Playoffs of Hotness!

Recently, we here at Ladies… got to thinking: there are all of these playoffs, finals, big events, championships, etc. going on, especially this time of year. And while it’s important to recognize achievements of the best team and watch them fight to the finish, we think it’s also important to give special appreciation to the hottest of the hot.  But fear not; this will not be my own personal list of who I think is the hottest, nor will it be a combination of who the Ladies… think deserves the Larry O’Brien for being sexy.  We want YOU, dear readers, to tell us who you think should be crowned the hottest man in the NBA!

Through this post, we will be taking our own favorites along with any suggestions our dear readers leave in the comments and pitting man against man, bracket style this coming Friday Monday May 24th!  Throughout the remainder of the NBA Playoffs, we will continue to update who the winners are and rearrange the brackets accordingly.  It is then up to all of you to take a look and vote during each bracket in order to determine who the champion will be.

Of course we’re not going to let a post go without some suggestions to ogle, so here are the gents that we think to be worthy of nomination to take part in the brackets.

Luke Walton
Los Angeles Lakers

Serge Ibaka
Oklahoma City Thunder

Chris Paul
New Orleans Hornets

Kyle Korver
Utah Jazz

Dwyane Wade
Miami Heat

Dwight Howard
Orlando Magic

Danilo Gallinari
New York Knicks

Boris Diaw
Charlotte Bobcats

Rudy Fernández
Portland Trail Blazers

Kobe Bean Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers

Aron Afflalo
Denver Nuggets

LeBron James
Cleveland Cavaliers

Alright, readers – now it’s your turn.  Here are 12 solid contenders for the brackets, but we’ll need a few more.  Toss your suggestions in the comments, and make sure to come back Friday Monday to vote on the first round!

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14 thoughts on “The NBA Playoffs of Hotness!

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  2. One of the Lopez twins is hot, right? I just can never remember which one. Maybe they should be a first round matchup.

  3. Pam – women like you make me sick. Stop giving men a negative body image by complaining that he has the tiniest bit of body fat. I hate to break it to you, but not every man can have the body of Dwight Howard. You need to learn to appreciate REAL men.

  4. Pay no attention, Pam. David’s just a drama queen that’s still upset that he didn’t meet the height minimum to play for the Nets. Because he loves Jersey.

  5. There are no minimum requirements for height or talent to play for the Nets. I just hate how sexist some women are.

  6. Mmm, Dwight Howard. Great smile, amaaaaazing shoulders and arms, fantastic sense of humor and all of his great impressions? Yes please!

  7. Hey David, sorry to hear that I make you sick. It works both ways. I’m sure I’d be more attractive too if I hit the gym and trimmed up.

    I don’t need to learn to appreciate a god damn thing. I’m just a random nobody commenting on a website which happens to be about attractive athletes. And, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  8. Well David, that would still be my response to someone that said that to me. And that should be every man’s response to a hyper sensitive chick that says stuff like that to them. You have achieved in pointing out how ridiculous girls can be about shit like that.

    What women need to realize is that not finding someone with some flaws attractive is not inherently sexist. And if it is, then most of us are guilty of it too!

    You are right, Dwight Howard has a fantastic body.

    Kudos to you, David.

  9. Where was this post a month ago when the playoffs actually started?

    Well at least its here now.

    It’s funny that you’ll include teams that were nowhere near the playoffs yet Dallas should get left off because that team is seriously lacking in hotness. Though there’s something about Dirk that I find oddly attractive… the same cannot be said about Steve Nash. Sure he seems like a great funny guy.

    Anyways, I move to nominate George Hill of the Spurs, Thabo Sefolosha of whatever team he’s on (probably the Thunder) and … that’s all I can think of now.

  10. I agree that George Hill of the Spurs is WAY hot. Oddly enough though, I think Steve Nash (PHX Suns) is the hottest NBA player. Just my humble opinion. ;) Goran Dragic (also Suns) is very, very adorably cute as well.

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