Hump Day Hottie: Scott Baker

Seriously, I’m ashamed that I had no idea that Scott Baker was this hot until this past weekend.  My beloved O’s played the Twins in Minnesota, and Mr. Baker had the pleasure of pitching – and earning a win, of course – against them.  I had the pleasure of watching him pitch. 

Now you, too, can enjoy the pleasure of ogling Scott after the jump.


Wow. Just wow. The eyes do it for me.

Even in a sullen state, Scott is looking hot!

Hot guy? check. Champagne? Check. Champagne all over hot guy? double check!

Seriously. Hot. Champagne and Bud Light. A winning combination.

His future is so bright, he has to wear shades.

Possible modeling career?

6 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Scott Baker

  1. I love Cupcake. He’s definitely a cuite!

    I think the Twins have some sort of unwritten requirement that their players not only be excellent fielders and hitters but also insanely cute and/or hot.

    • I’ve gotta start watching the Twins more then. (Especially since they’re the local team where I live now, haha.)

      • Three reasons to watch the Twins:
        1. Joe Mauer
        2. Nick Blackburn
        3. JJ Hardy

  2. As a Twins fan, I may be biased, but we have by far the most adorable team in all of baseball! I love Scotty! He kind of looks like he’s 14, but he is darn precious!

  3. I remember watching the Twins beat the Brewers last year when Scott Baker was pitching and feeling like a very bad Brewers fan for noticing how absolutely gorgeous he is and (dare I say it?) rooting for him, just a little…

    And Heidi, I agree, especially since you now have JJ Hardy and his beautiful baby blues.

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