The Reveal! Name That Booty – Mets Edition

This past Monday, I treated you all to a little taste of the Mets/Cubs game through Buffalita’s camera lens and challenged you to name those booties.  I’m quite impressed with how people did (though SOME people refused to put their guesses on the correct platform and left them on Facebook…), but I am glad that I was able to stump nearly everyone on Booty #1! The reveal is after the jump…

Booty #1
(Hint: He’s a brand new Met this year, and is already doing some serious slugging)

That’s right, it was one of our bazillion catchers – Rod Barajas! He’s now hit 7 home runs so far.

Booty #2
(Hint: Another newbie, originally from Canada)

Jason Bay was Booty 2 – from Trail, British Columbia, and the Mets swiped him after he became a free agent from Boston in late 2009

Booty #3
(Hint: Another Canadian, shares a birthday with your writer ;) )

Jeff Francoeur, while not my favorite, does happen to have a decent booty.  And I do share a birthday with him, along with David Bowie, Elvis, Jason Giambi, and about 20 other random celebs

Booty #4
(Hint: Probably the fastest Met as of right now)

Couldn’t stump anyone here – it’s Jose Reyes! And I had a great view from those seats…

Booty #5
(Hint: Come on, look at the stance!)

Definitely a stumper, but not if you happen to know which of our pitchers enjoy themselves some high socks! Ollie Ollie oxen free!

Booty #6
(Hint: Also, shouldn’t need a hint. But I’ll give you one. I had about 15 photos of this Mets’ booty to choose from!)

Obvious one ;)

Bonus Booty #1
(Hint: I used to like this Cubbie when he played for the Yanks)

The one and only, Alfonso Soriano! Boy, does he get heckled a lot (though not as much as the Cubs’ third base coach did that night – poor Mike Quade)

Bonus Booty #2
Now before you flip out at the frontal view, just give it a second…

Come on, you all knew it :) Look at those shoes!!

Thanks for playing, everyone!  Hopefully when I have kick ass seats again some day and am accompanied by a much better camera, we’ll have to play again!!

4 thoughts on “The Reveal! Name That Booty – Mets Edition

  1. Gotta say, no idea why I put “another Canadian” (considering I occasionally pick on the hint of drawl you can sometimes detect, and his choice of at bat music). Thanks for catching me!

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