Baseball Rookies on Parade!

Here we are, a little over a month into the new baseball season.  While we try to not panic/be overly confident about our favorite teams’ and players’ seasons thus far,  it’s hard not to get a little excited about the breakout rookies.  Yes, it’s true that some (most)  rookie hot streaks don’t last, and a .360 batting average in the first six weeks of a major league career isn’t necessarily a harbinger of a long and prosperous career.  Still, ten Aprils ago, that’s what they were saying about Albert Pujols.

Let’s meet a few of the newbies, shall we?

Jaime Garcia

OK, not technically a rookie (he appeared mostly in short relief  in 10 games in 2008 before needing Tommy John surgery), but he’s a Cardinal so I’m bending the rules.  He’s also the first lefty to start for the Cards since Mark Mulder and he is awesome. After what the Phillies did to Santana, I was scared to death that Garcia’s hot streak was about to get clobbered by Utley and co. … and then he held them to three hits over six innings.

Ike Davis

The Mets’ new first baseman arrived in mid-April, almost exactly as the Mets began the winning streak that put them on top in the NL East (momentarily). Coincidence?  Probably, but he’s producing enough at both the plate and in the field to make Mets fans feel a little more hopeful about the rest of their season.

Jason Heyward

Things haven’t been so great for the Braves lately, but they started off hot thanks to their rookie right fielder, who currently has almost as many RBIs (24) as games played (25).  With 8 HRs and 4 doubles, he’s also slugging .627.  Let’s all just hope the injury that forced him out of Wednesday’s game with the Nats doesn’t turn out to be serious.

Wilson Ramos

You love Joe Mauer.  The Ladies love Joe Mauer.  The entire state of Minnesota loves Joe Mauer.  And yet this past week, a rookie catcher for the Twins is making a few people say, “Joe Who?” Sure, just about any major leaguer can hit .438 in 4 games, and no one really expects Mauer to get Wally Pipped here, but I’m sure many Twins fans feel at least a little less uneasy about the back problem currently sidelining Mauer. (Sidebar: if Ramos can keep producing at this pace, and Mauer’s back continues to bother him, do the Twins start seriously considering transitioning Mauer to a less demanding position?)

Congratulations, boys!  You know you’ve made it once the Ladies have their eyes on you.

2 thoughts on “Baseball Rookies on Parade!

  1. Don’t forget about Austin Jackson of Detroit, named AL Rookie of the Month for April!! His only major downside is his propensity to strike out, but he’s been showing more patience at the plate lately.

  2. BTW, Mauer’s issue isn’t his back but a bad heel bruise from stepping on a base wrong. Luckily! I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but as often as Joe gets injured, it’s rarely the same injury twice. Sooner or later, he’s got to run out of things to hurt, right? Or does he loop around back to the beginning again?

    Either way, it has been nice with Mister Wilson taking over for him! The regular backup, Jose Morales, has been hurt all year (which is too bad! he’s a real cutie!), and the next backup is Drew Butera who’s pretty lucky if he can hit a buck, much less a buck and change. Anybody is a downgrade from Joe, but Ramos is definitely holding his own.

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