Name That Booty – Mets Edition!

So this post will somewhat serve a double purpose – it’s a bit of  ‘I Was There’ bragging rights, as I was lucky enough to find myself in the best seats I’ve had yet at Citi Field on April 21st (which before this weekend was their last loss prior to the 8 game streak), but you can always trust your author to really focus in on what really matters: baseball booties.  I found myself photographing every member of the Amazins, and as one would think with seats just behind the 3rd base line dugout, you’re going to get a lot of booty photos just given the fact that we have a good number of right handed batters. Games Mistress gave me the wonderful idea of what to do with said booty photos, so this week, I shall be playing a little game with you all – name that booty!  I’ll post the answers this Friday.

(Disclaimer: My camera is getting a little old and tired, so some booties are spectacular and in focus, while others came out a tad grainy. Apologies!)

Booty #1
(Hint: He’s a brand new Met this year, and is already doing some serious slugging)

Booty #2
(Hint: Another newbie, originally from Canada)

Booty #3
(Hint: Another Canadian, shares a birthday with your writer ;) )

Booty #4
(Hint: Probably the fastest Met as of right now)

Booty #5
(Hint: Come on, look at the stance!)

Booty #6
(Hint: Also, shouldn’t need a hint. But I’ll give you one. I had about 15 photos of this Mets’ booty to choose from!)

Bonus Booty #1
(Hint: I used to like this Cubbie when he played for the Yanks)

Bonus Booty #2
Now before you flip out at the frontal view, just give it a second…

Post your guesses in the comments, and I’ll reveal the full photos on Friday!

2 thoughts on “Name That Booty – Mets Edition!

  1. My guesses:
    1. Ike Davis
    2. Jason Bay
    4. Jose Reyes
    6. David Wright

    I’m pretty sure I know the last one, too, but I don’t want to ruin it in the first comment. :)

  2. I’m hoping bonus booty #2 is Mr. Met cause he’s the only hottie I like to look at… besides an occasional glance at #6 :-D

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