Here Comes Round Two! (Sadly, Ovie-Free)

A couple of weeks ago, Raven and I delivered to you our first round NHL Playoff predictions. For the most part we were correct, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty about my Cup winner prediction. Did I jinx Ovi and the Caps?


Sadness. (Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe? Habs fans were screaming in the streets of Montreal Wednesday night like they were headed to the Final. Is it a good time to tell them that they’re facing the Pens in the next round?

I checked in with Raven Thursday morning, and all things considered she seems to be OK (and fortunately she didn’t have car trouble on the way home Wednesday, although if she had, Mr. Laich could have been of assistance). Her colour of mourning is red and she wishes to be consoled in the arms of one Ryan Kesler. (BTW, Ryan, if you’re not too busy, can you see me when you get a moment? I hit my elbow on the towel rack this morning and could use a hug.)

At any rate, here’s how we see the second round of the NHL playoffs playing out.

Lady Bee: So Raven, again, a million sorrys. Let’s not discuss the Habs right now and instead turn our attention to the series that began Thursday night: Detroit and San Jose.

Now I’ve said it before: goaltending wins the playoffs. With this in mind, I would normally run with the Sharks and the abilities of veteran Evgeni Nabokov. And then I remember that we’re talking about the Sharks, the team with the high scoring superstars who disappear in the postseason (I thought Marleau-Thorton-Heatley would light it up. Will I never learn?!)


Oh, look who showed up to congratulate the tender! Hey Joe, how 'bout some points next round! (Photo: AP)

So yeah, Detroit in six.

Raven: Detroit in six sounds about right to me.  The Wings faltered early due to injury, but they lit it up after the Olympic break.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them go all the way this year.  They have the team to do it.  Hot teams going into the playoffs are typically pretty hard to beat.

Now let’s take a look at the Blackhawks and the Canucks.  Well since Ryan Kesler has been paged to see me, I’m going with the Canucks. Luongo is another hot goalie who can carry a team.  Not that this team needs carrying.  Ever heard of the Sedins? I’ve never been able to trust the ‘Hawks’s goaltending situation. One game Niemi looks like a monster and the next he’s self-destructing. Too unstable for me. And did I mention how cute Ryan Kelser is?

I don’t think I can bear to do the East.  My heart is still broken.  All I know is that I’m the biggest Western Conference fan in the East right now.  But the lesser of the 4 evils left, for me anyways, are the Boston Bruins.  Plus they have David Krejci.  I’m pulling for the boys from Beantown.

Oh, and I don’t think anyone or thing jinxed the Caps, so no worries Bee.

Lady Bee: Yes, I’m with you on both counts. I am going with my sentimental faves in Vancouver, because dammit WE ARE ALL CANUCKS! The Canucks have a 2009 Game 6 loss to avenge. And hello Mikael Samuelsson and your amazing performance on the first round against the Kings. The Hawks rock but Vancouver has too many weapons at its disposal. Also, Ryan Kesler.

The Bruins will do just fine against the Flyers. They’re getting Marc Savard back while Philly will be missing Gagne and Carter. Not good, Philly. Not good.


I refuse to use that hackneyed "I've fallen and..." line on Marc. (Photo:AP)

In fact, I am going out on a limb and predicting a delicious match in hockey heaven: a Bruins-Habs conference final. As much as I would love to see Malkin destroy all hope in Montreal, after giving it some thought I think the Habs can keep the Cinderella act going through one more round. I think they’ll outdive the Pens and Halak will continue to surprise. Look out, Rue Ste.-Catherine! It’s going to be awfully rowdy for a few more weeks.


(Photo: Globe and Mail)

Until Boston wins the series…and the East.

So that’s the way Raven and I see it. Please leave your messages of condolence respecting the Capitals below.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes Round Two! (Sadly, Ovie-Free)

  1. *Tears* Screw you, Caps. *more tears* I spent a lot of money on you this year, for what? To see you get beat by a team of pee-wees? I’m gonna go cry now. Oh and someone tell Mike Green that’s it’s over between us. I’m moving on. Just call me Jennifer Love Hewitt…I’ll break up with my hockey boyfriend via a publicist…or…uh…a blog comment. Yeah!

    Go Canucks!! Ryan Kesler FTW! :)

  2. The Caps suck. I didn’t invest money in them, but I sure invested a lot of time. And what for? I hate you Caps! Baaaaaahhhh!

    (I still love you. Kind of.)

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure the Caps and I will be hooking up again come October. I just can’t tell them no. Such a bad girl.

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