Bringing the Heat…The Pittsburgh Pirates

Listen, Pirates fans – I know you get picked on. I’m certain a post from a Brewers fan isn’t going to go over so well with you after we beat you last Thursday 20-0. However, I discovered last week that you girl Pirates fans have little to complain about. Though the scoreboard may sometimes make you want to cover your eyes, the view on the field is enough to keep a Lady coming back for more.

Who care what the record is – these Pittsburgh Pirates are hot! So hot, in fact, that the first time Garrett Jones came to bat, my mother stopped what she was doing to say “who’s that?”

Sadly for us, these hapless Pirates don’t receive too much media coverage and pictures are somewhat difficult to come by. Maybe there are even more pretty Pirates that I missed out on. Let me know if the comments if someone else needs to make it on our radar.

Follow the jump to meet these Pirates Pretty boys

Bobby Crosby puts me in the mind of about seven English Premier League soccer players, which might actually heighten his appeal. Either way, he’s certainly a poster boy for the “Bald and Beautiful” society

Pitcher Brian Bures has some very pretty eyes, if his head shot from is any indication. Unfortunately, he also has some skeevy looking facial hair. Take the below picture instead and take my word on his eyes!

Andy LaRoche might not be the cutest guy on the squad, but its hard to resist a baseball player in the rain

Ryan Church has a boy next door charm

Zach Duke’s not only a cutie, but I love this action shot of him

Ryan Doumit kind of looks like a long-lost Brady child, but I love the hair curling out under the back of his cap

Jeff Clement might be worth the price of admission all on his own.

I dare you to not think naughty thoughts after staring at this pic of Andrew McCutchen

But let’s be honest – these boys are just the appetizers and Garrett Jones is the main course. At 6’4″, Garrett is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.

Note to Garrett – never, ever be clean-shaven. Your scruff is epically gorgeous.

For you Ladies… with eye black obsessions…

And he’s apparently always willing to oblige his fans – even on the road.

4 thoughts on “Bringing the Heat…The Pittsburgh Pirates

  1. GAHHH I miss Ryan Church :( Although I believe I’ll have to pay closer attention when the Mets play Pit in August and September…thanks for bringing these to my attention!

  2. haha well as a pirates fan – at least we do have something going for us. And, I have to agree – that Garrett Jones is one tall drink of water.

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