Everybody calm down!

Andrew McCutcheon, why so blue? (Getty Images)

Oh. That. (AP Photo)

What is it about April baseball that brings out the panic in all of us?

I admit it, I am guilty of it too. Who isn’t? We try our best to be patient, to give our team some space as they meld together as teammates, deal with a new manager or a new ballpark.

But then we see our boys start the season with a 2-and-12 record, and we completely lose our shit. Never mind that there are still five months and 140-or-so games left to be played. We declare the season over on April 16th.

Does this look like a manager who's worried about the season? Well, maybe... (AP Photo)

It’s easy for me to say to you “Calm down, it’s a looong season.” After all, you know how my Yankees are doing right now. But it was only a year ago that I was getting ribbed by Red Sox fans for Sabathia’s shaky start with his new team, A-Rod’s recovery from hip surgery (and the possibility that his sideshow would negatively affect the clubhouse) and the fact that the new Stadium was a freaking launch pad for home runs. Remember how the AL East looked last April 16th? Allow me to refresh your memory.

April 2009 standings

(Screen grab from ESPN.com)

My response to all of this? Um, it’s early in the season. And yet I was still mocked.

Now let’s look at those standings from last September 16th:

Sept 2009 standings

(Screen grab from ESPN.com)

And we all know how the season ended.

My point? Come back from the ledge. So the Orioles are off to a rotten start. So the Astros are already 1700 games behind the Cards. While it may be hard to watch our teams stumble, it is way to early to give up on the season. An elite team may lose key players to injuries or its clubhouse chemistry may go to hell. A team playing like crap in April can get hot in June. The Red Sox could choke. There is so much baseball left to be played – don’t throw in the towel just yet!

Here at Ladies… we don’t judge (well, not our readers, anyway). If you’re still feeling early season anxiety, please vent below. But remember, it’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.


5 thoughts on “Everybody calm down!

  1. Given how the Astros have played post-All Star break the last several season, I never count them out. I’m usually more nervous about them than anyone else in the NL Central.

    I feel like I could make a Pirates joke here, but it just seems mean.

  2. I keep trying to tell myself this, but its hard to not be concerned when my team’s starting pitching only has ONE win. And guess who got swept by the Pirates this year–the Reds. If it wasn’t for Votto I think I would already be nearing the ledge.

    Hey, at least the Bengals made a good, sensible pick last night. :)

  3. See, I don’t know what to do with myself this season! I’m a Twins fan, so normally I’m the one in the corner, rocking back and forth and bonking my head against the wall in despair after another miserable April. Then the boys will usually scrap and claw their way back up at the end of the year, either to win in glorious fashion or to lose devastatingly at the last possible second.

    This year, we’re 12-5. Twelve and five! What can it mean? Are the Twins the ones who will get clawed-back-up-upon in the second half? Unfortunately, even teams that start well aren’t free from angst.

    • It’s all the more reason why I’m *trying* to temper my enthusiasm about the Yankees. Still…Andy Pettitte! WOOHOO!

  4. Ah yes, I remember those glory days of last April. The hot start, the ass-kicking of that traitor Burnett, riding the top of the AL Beast, and the feel that the glory days of the early 90s were going to return.

    Then there was the horror of Fenway and we never recovered. Even worse, we lost the best pitcher in baseball.

    This year, since we’re rebuilding, I don’t stress about the score much. I’m enjoying myself a lot more.

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