Hump Day Hottie: Super Swede

So you’re going to have to excuse me as I go all fangirly here.  I love Nicklas Backstrom.  Not the kind of love most of us Ladies talk about on here, though.  I love this kid’s game.  I love his little baby face.  I love his flowing blonde locks.  But most of all, I love that he’s a Washington Capital.  I love that he plays for my team (and my fantasy team).  I love that he’s only 22-years-old and hasn’t even begun to peak yet.  This kid is going to be something special.  He’s already a top scorer in this year’s playoffs, and set career highs in goals and points this season.  So if you like his game or his adorable little face, follow me after the jump for some Super Swede lovin!

Team Sweden! Between Nicky and Henrik Lundqvist, I was a big fan of Team Sweden this past February.

Looking good in a suit! He cleans up nice.

He laughs in the face of midgets...I mean Mike Cammalleri!

Bonus Hottie! I had to get some GreenLife52 love in here somewhere.

Pregame stretch...Hel-lo!

Baby face? Check. Flowing blonde locks? check. Sigh.

The last two shots come courtesy of my friend Sal at  Go check out her awesome pictures.  Warning: It’s all Caps players.

5 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Super Swede

  1. I’m not totally digging him, but I have accepted my fate that for the next round, I am a Caps fan. I do agree that he is a good player. Go Caps! (Hope I don’t doom them).

  2. I think Backstrom looks like a a slightly aged lesbian. Maybe it’s the locks, I don’t know. It could be the intense, slightly dour look on him in many of these pictures.

  3. He does have really pretty hair lol. I’m kind of jealous. And I would like him better if he was a Penguin :) but I guess I’ll just have to have fun cheering against him if the Caps and Pens have a playoff rematch.

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