Left-handed lunacy

Of the 30 pitchers that started MLB games yesterday, 14 of them were left-handed, which ESPN tells me is quite the big deal.

So to celebrate the proliferation of Southpaws, I thought we’d look at a few of our favorites.

Barry Zito

Maggiesox will yell at me, but I know many of you ladies love Cole Hamels

Especially for one of our readers – Doug Davis

Scott Kazmir

And for our ladies that like their men a little younger looking, there’s always Clayton Kershaw

Obviously, that’s just a few. Who are your favorite lefty leading men?

4 thoughts on “Left-handed lunacy

  1. The Cards’ Jamie Garcia. He’s adorable — and threw 6 innings of 1 hit ball on Saturday. (Granted that was only 1/4 of that game, but still.) We haven’t had a lefty starter since Mulder so I am enjoying it.

  2. I will only yell when people love on him despite his suck. He was good yesterday, so the lovees can live.

    That said, he has a penis voice. Sorry, but he does.

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