Hit and Run: A weekend of bananas!

Ok, well perhaps not LITERALLY. But c’mon, anyone that watched really any sport (including boxing) knows that this weekend was off-the-charts-bananas! Franchise record with a no-hitter, 20 inning scoreless standoff, NHL and NBA playoffs, drunk drivers…
Here’s a Hit & Run recap of the weekend’s events after the jump.

First up – Ubaldo Jiminez of the Colorado Rockies.  Not only did he get the first No Hitter of 2010, but he got the first for the Rockies franchise, ever.  Definitely an impressive show in their 4-0 win, including a BANANAS catch by Dexter Fowler that had it not happened, Troy Glaus’ hit looked to almost ruin the streak in the 7th.

In other news, there was the game that would NOT end, and I personally wasn’t even able to watch it!! After listening to much of it on a car radio and regular radio, and hearing how many times the Mets blew it and then somehow got themselves out of SEVERAL jams, it’s probably for the best that I couldn’t see it, as I do spend a good amount of time screaming at sports on tv. Anyways, in a 2-1 victory over the Cards, everything was so ridiculous and topsy turvey – Santana pitched pretty solidly, but then in Mets vs. Cardinals part 2, somehow K-Rod blew the save and Big Pelf, that’s right, Big Pelf got the save (he now leads the Mets pitchers with 2 wins and 1 save – not many pitchers ever can really say that).

We won’t talk about the rest of the series because, well, the Mets are just a bit of a disappointment.  There is, however, one thing of note (even though I had to suffer through the Sunday night ESPN game and Mr. Morgan) – as many of you know, your writer is from Buffalo and a big Buffalo everything fan.  The Mets actually now have my own Buffalo Bisons as their farm team for AAA (!) and they’ve been looking to them to help out their often injured and seldom consistent defensive squad. Lucky for me, they chose to call up Tobi Stoner last fall, and ended up having to use him last night (since they more or less killed the rest of the pitching squad the previous night).  Let’s ogle him a bit, as I’m sure I’ll be mentioning him in the future provided he proves himself as a decent option in the bullpen…

…and an action shot…

…and the booty shot!

In NHL news, obviously I have to gloat about my Sabres since they’re playing game 3 tonight. Saturday’s Game 2 was a disappointment with the Bruins coming out ahead 5-3, but even moreso because of the aptly named Johnny Boychuk coming after my man Vanek who is now out of tonight’s game due to the “lower body injury” incurred. Here’s hoping they can pull together and get this one without him!

Finally, I should probably touch on Basketball since they are in the playoffs (even though no team near me ever had a chance).  While I may not necessarily enjoy actually watching basketball, I am still an equal opportunity ogler, thus was very concerned when I heard about Utah’s Mehmet Okur.  What ultimately ended in a 126-113 loss to the Nuggets, poor Okur tore his left Achilles tendon and now will not only miss the rest of the playoffs, but will likely be out from surgery for this summer’s world championships (of course being held in his native country of Turkey). Get well soon, Memo!

That about does it for the bananas weekend edition of Hit & Run, but I did want to leave this on one final note; are there any other Bachelor AND sports nerdettes out there that happened to notice the resemblance between the Mets’ John Maine and the last Bachelor Jake Pavelka?


4 thoughts on “Hit and Run: A weekend of bananas!

  1. I cannot even believe that my dad and I sat and watched THE WHOLE THING! That Met/Cards game was the craziest sh!t ever! Also, how about that catch by Alex Cora? As a dearly-missed Yankee legend once said, “HOLY COW!”

  2. Can we talk for a second about those Rockies unis? Because they are…well, they’re just not right. Is it a vest? Is it a shirt?

    More Tobi Stoner please!

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