2010 Masters: Now With More Hotness

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First and foremost, congrats to Phil Mickelson on his 3rd Masters win!!

Not to take away from that or anything, but as we watched the last few moments of the tournament, I couldn’t help but think: what’s a bored girl to do if she’s stuck watching golf? Yes, that competitive spirit can sink in just for a moment in the end, but otherwise it’s usually thought of as a great nap inducer (what with the lack of action and hushed voices and all). Usually GOLF and HOTNESS are not synonymous or even found in the same sentence. But as I shallowly searched through the photos of all Masters contestants, I was pleasantly surprised, and felt that many of these faces deserve my fellow golf loathers’ attention.

First up? Runner up! This year’s 2nd placer is hard not to like, and nothing against Phil, but I found myself silently rooting for Lee Westwood (even if he isn’t my first choice for golf hotness – you’ll have to wait till the end for that). He at the very least made the last few holes much easier on the eyes, and there’s something about him (probably the adorable accent) that really just makes him cute. Or maybe it’s this suit…

(actually it really just makes him look like Michael Buble, but you get the idea)

Next up is Spain’s Sergio Garcia. Incredible smile (look it up – trust me).

…and as long as I’m on Spain, here’s the other amazing smiler – Alvaro Quiros. His eyebrows scare  me a little, as do the wet white pants, but it really doesn’t matter. Good golfer, good smile, good….grief don’t wear white pants in the water.

The US’ Sean O’Hair is another favorite from a couple years back. Doesn’t matter that he was one in a six-way tie for 30th at this year’s Masters. Cute.

New favorite is German cutie Martin Kaymer. He did miss the cut, and he does look a bit young (he’s actually older than me, I swear!) but I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this one from now on.

Another one that came out of nowhere is Japan’s Ryo Ishikawa. He also missed the cut, but come on. I just find him too damn cute. AND he hangs out with penguins. Win win.

Last, and definitely not least (finishing top of my list as well as 6-way tie for 18th) is my new favorite, brought to my attention by a fellow Lady – Adam Scott of Australia. This man has single handedly made golf worth watching for Ladies… like me that may not have a full appreciation for, well, the athleticism and skill that goes in to the sport (I prefer my men ramming in to each other or having shit thrown at them at 94mph or losing teeth during a fight while balancing on ice or something), this at least gives us something to sigh at when dad insists on knowing how many bogies Couples has whacked today. For that warm and fuzzy feeling, here are a few more treats of Mr. Scott for my readers…

On the cover of Aussie magazine Sunday, looking quite dapper (Sandra Lee, you have no idea how jealous I am)

(one more, just because it’s slightly brooding. and the man is pulling off PINK for goodness sake)

So there you have it. I hope this gives some fellow ladies something to look forward to should you ever be stuck in my position somewhere in the future – just keep some of these faces and names in mind, and you’ll do just fine :)

PS: I did leave out a certain T. Woods for a reason. Mostly because he inspired this article. As we watched him carry out an incredibly boring and self absorbed interview somewhat incognito behind the little barn thing, I couldn’t help but think “EW! What is it?! I don’t see it!!” and decided that there must be better looking chaps in golf somewhere.

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5 thoughts on “2010 Masters: Now With More Hotness

  1. Very handsome fellas; thank you for pointing them out for me! I’ll always love Phil Mickelson, but he’s not quite the hottie that the rest of the guys in this post are.

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