Tell Me What Ya Want, What Ya Really Really Want

Cristiano is begging you to help the Ladies out!

Ok Ladies… readers, this post is for you.

We ladies are looking to revamp the site.  We’ve been brainstorming on some new features we want to introduce to you, the reader.  My fellow Ladies and I want to hear from our readers because we realize that you are the reason we keep this blog going.  So what do you want?

What features do you like and want more of?  What features could you do without?  What features should we do that we aren’t right now?  Are we missing something that you think we should be covering?  Is there an old feature we did in the past that you would like to see make an appearance again?  You get the picture.

Tell us what you think in the comments.  Don’t be afraid.  We need some constructive criticism and, most importantly, your input on what we can do to make this place better.

And no worries…we’re still going to bring you hot athletes on a daily basis! ;-)

6 thoughts on “Tell Me What Ya Want, What Ya Really Really Want

  1. Yea Snoopy, I liked that too. Do you Ladies still do that one? Oh Cristiano, so, so hot… Maybe have a feature associated with each day? That’s always fun.

    I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ah!

  2. HDH and Hit and Run are always winners. I really like the recipes, linkups, and of course the live blogs.

    And of course, more use of the “he saves PUPPIES!” tag. :)

  3. HDH for sure!! The recipe tips were fun too…party food (and drinks!!) can get boring and repetitive, so new options are always welcome!

  4. You could even do updates on some past HDH like Ryan Lochte, Mauer and JJ Hardy (yes I’m a Twins fan but I liked Hardy back with the Brewers).

    Not sure I would need to see an update for Sizemore since way more of him was shown on the internet awhile back than what I needed to see ;)

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