It’s Opening Day*, you guys!

*Yeah, yeah, technically, it’s Opening Night. Deal.

I realize that Phil Hughes is not starting tonight's MLB opener at Fenway. Enjoy his stare anyway. (Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

It’s the day that most of us have been waiting for since October (and for a few of us Ladies…, ahem!, November 5th) The 2010 Major League Baseball season opens tonight with the 27-time World Champion New York Yankees visiting the Boston Red Sox at hallowed Fenway Park. It’s early, and I want to be a good sport, so I’ll save the anti-Bawstan venom spewing for later in the season when the battle for AL East dominance gets messy (although let’s face it – I’ll be lucky to last through the 3rd inning tonight before the swearing begins.)

A new season always brings new possibilities and burning questions to be answered: who will emerge as the breakout star this season? How will rookies Austin Jackson and Jason Heyward fare? Will new Phillie Halliday scare the living shit out of the National League? What team will make a surprise postseason run? Will this be the year the Jays make the playoffs again? (No.) Will the Nationals and Pirates climb out the basement of their respective divisions? (Probably not.) Will the Royals make Minda cry and the Mets embarrass Buffalita? (Likely…yes.) Will we live blog the Home Run Derby while drinking? (Well, DUH!) What will I drink tonight? (Tomorrow’s a holiday for me so I have a six pack of, yes, Sam Adams.) How long before some PED-related nonsense from a former player rears its ugly, bloated head? (Oh, wait.)

Regardless of which team we support, at some point each one of us will have a reason to stand up and cheer. So here’s to a season of high points for each one of you!

And now, see what the Easter Bunny left you.


Am I worried about CC tonight because of how he started last season? No, because I remember how his season ended. (Photo: Getty Images)

Boston Red Sox

Enough about contract extension talk! It's Opening Night at home for Beckett! (Photo: Reuters)

Boston Red Sox

If you can't say anything nice about someone... (Photo: AP)


...just stare in awe at Mo instead. (Photo: Reuters)

Boston Red Sox

Dustin Pedroia, now with bonus Mauer! (Photo: AP)

New York Yankees


Boston Red Sox

Oh. Hello, Victor (ohmygawdstopitSTOPIT!) (Photo: AP)

New York Yankees


Baseball season is here!!! I predict a long, hot summer. Enjoy!

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