Bracket Brawl Update (No Fooling, Promise)

Gordon Heyward thinks y'all should have bet on Butler.

I really suck at April Fools’ Day jokes.  Besides, the way this NCAA tournament is playing out, we all look like big enough fools right now, no?  I must say I’ve never been in a bracket pool where everyone’s champion lost before the final weekend of play, but that’s exactly what has happened to us Ladies and our dear readers.  Perhaps we should have taken Butler more seriously.

I inadvertently played an early April Fools’ Day joke on myself and the Blonde Bomber when I thought I had figured out that the outcome of the Duke-Baylor game would determine which one of us ended up winning, but I didn’t do the math quite right.  (Although I was right that the game determined which one of us would still have a chance at winning.  Stupid Duke.)  Anyway, there are two scenarios at play here, contingent on the West Virginia-Duke semifinal.

Scenario 1: Duke wins

Final Standings:

1. Lady Bee, 660 pts

2. The Blonde Bomber, 600 pts

3. Melissa_thistle, 590 pts

Scenario 2: West Virginia wins

Final Standings:

1. The Blonde Bomber, 760 pts

2. Games Mistress, 700 pts

3. Lady Bee, 660 pts

Shawn Varzant break! He's too cute to be depressed about where you are in the standings.

I hope you don’t mind rooting for Duke, Bee.

As the rest of us wait to see whether it is spectacular early round picking or having more correct Final Four teams (2) than anyone else that ultimately wins the day, we get the luxury of being free to root for whomever we want, without having to worry about its implications for our bracket picking pride.  If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably guessed who I’m pulling for:

I do love an underdog. Or any dog, really.

Go Butler!

2 thoughts on “Bracket Brawl Update (No Fooling, Promise)

    • Well technically, since Butler does not have to play Duke in the semis, you could still have Duke win and then Butler knock them off in the championship game. West Virginia is not a recent basketball power but they did win the Big East tourney, so you can’t exactly call them an underdog.

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