Ladies… Bracket Bawl, Um, Brawl, Update

Did you pick West Virginia? Did you know Darryl Bryant broke his foot and is out for the rest of the tourney? Do you still like that pick?

Wow.  So, um, when I said it was the most wide-open tourney in years that was … possibly the only thing I’ve said about the tournament that’s actually been right so far.    The Ladies … Bracket Brawl, like so many other tourney pools this year, is a collection of shredded brackets.  The good news is, with everyone doing so poorly, everyone still has a chance to catch up.  Well, I don’t, but the rest of you do.  Let’s look at the standings after the first two rounds:

First Place: Melissa_thistle

Second Place: Lady Bee

Third Place: Courtknee35 1

And then there was that Kansas game …. 50% of the pool picked Kansas to win the game, and only one astute picker (Courtknee) did not have Kansas in the Final Four.

Of the six people who did not have Kansas as their champions, 4 people picked Kentucky and 2 picked Syracuse.  So the rest of us will be rooting for West Virginia or Ohio State.

50% of the pool has lost half of their Final Four teams, 25% have lost three of the four.  No one has yet lost all four of their teams, and no one still has all of their Final Four teams alive.  (Thanks Kansas and Villanova! And Pitt!)

Upset Not-so-special Of the four “Cinderella” Sweet Sixteen teams — Northern Iowa, Cornell, St. Mary’s, and Washington — only two entries picked Washington into the Sweet Sixteen, while one entry (who was not one of the Washington pickers) picked St. Mary’s to get there.  No one picked Cornell or Northern Iowa to win more than one game.  Sorry, guys!

Special mention goes to Lady Bee, though, as she was the only person to pick all four teams to win their first round game, as well as the Murray St. upset.

And so we head into our second weekend of tourney play bruised, beaten, and yet (most of us) still with a chance at victory.  Is everyone ready?

Kentucky is!

5 thoughts on “Ladies… Bracket Bawl, Um, Brawl, Update

  1. Thanks dearest GM! If only I was faring as well in my regular season NHL hockey pool. What a dog’s breakfast *that* is!


  2. Hey, Ladies…I know you’re hockey fans-did I miss the coverage of NCAA hockey? Did you post anywhere that Cornell’s women’s hockey team made it to the Frozen Four for the first time ever? Or what about the NCAA hockey championships in general? I realize basketball is a bigger thing this time of year…but don’t leave hockey out in the cold.

  3. Never fear Leslie, I’m a huge college hockey fan and will be posting about it for Monday morning – hopefully celebrating a Wisconsin Frozen Four berth.

  4. As crappy as my bracket had been already, it officially crashed and burned this weekend. Alas.

  5. The tournament this year has been insane, but we all know its really
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