The 2010 Sweet 16 – Now With Captions!

So like many of us, I spent the weekend watching some college teams duke it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my sh*t together and submit a bracket on time.  So in true lady form, I’d like to list my predictions for this coming week’s Sweet 16 winners taking us to the Elite 8, in beloved Lolcat caption form.

(I’d like to add a congrats to my alma mater – Women’s Basketball at University of Rochester made it to the Final Four!!)

UNI Panthers (9) vs. Michigan State Spartans (5)
Buffalita’s Prediction?Michigan State, of course! (And you know that’s for you, Twin!)

Tennessee Volunteers (6) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (2)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

Bucks. Gotta. Too may friends would have my hide for not picking. Plus duh, they’ll win.

Syracuse Orange (1) vs. Butler Bulldogs (5)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

Why, ‘Cuse of course!! CUUUUUUUUSE!!! Not just that they’re better – it’s (close enough to) hometown pride!!

Xavier Musketeers (6) vs. Kansas State Wildcats (2)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

Kansas State. Better team, bigger height differences apparently.

Baylor Bears (3) vs. Saint Mary’s Gaels (10)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

That’s right, Saint Mary’s. Looking for an upset from the less-favored.

Purdue Boilermakers (4) vs. Duke Blue Devils (1)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

Duke. Duh. Singler is bananas.

West Virginia Mountaineers (2) vs. Washington Huskies (11)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

Yup. Hoping Washington can pull another upset. Plus now that I don’t have my own bracket, and everyone I knew had Kansas, so anything’s possible…

Kentucky Wildcats (1) vs. Cornell Big Red (12)
Buffalita’s Prediction?

Yes, Cornell is good. And gorges. But duh, K’s got this all the way.

So there you have it.  How are everyone else’s brackets looking so far, and how do they compare to this?

2 thoughts on “The 2010 Sweet 16 – Now With Captions!

  1. Thank you for the Go State. I may have kicked you otherwise.

    Bucks??? Really??? Ew. (Of course that is the State fan in me…State and Bucks are bitter enemies…plus the whole me and a certain person we went to school with being bitter enemies about the two teams.) I won’t hold it against you though…you did give me a shout out so I s’pose it all evens up in the end :-)

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