Ladies… Linkups: “What the hell, Marquette?!” edition

Walkoff Walk is previewing the upcoming baseball season. Predictions are almost never correct (for evidence of this, see my 2009-10 NHL predictions, which I plan to revisit in a very-near-future post), but when they’re this well-written what does it matter? Here’s Rob Iracane on the NL Central.

At the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada’s sledge hockey team¬†lost an opportunity to play for gold as Japan came through with a 3-1 victory. I hope you Americans are happy now.

Hey, did you know that women can’t be bothered to blog?! I would tell you why, but my blood is too busy boiling.

On a tangentially-related note, HERE’S A WOMAN WHO BLOGS!¬† I think Amanda Rykhoff captured a few common sentiments from yesterday’s matchups (and horrifying outcomes!)

And yeah, I don’t know why I’m sitting in first place as of this writing. Apparently, I nailed most of the upsets (*blushes*) But trust me – Ohio will last longer in the Tournament than I will.

DeVaughn Washington making it look...awesome! (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

There’s more Tourney goodness to come, but try to get some work done this afternoon, OK?

3 thoughts on “Ladies… Linkups: “What the hell, Marquette?!” edition

  1. “…also explains why men are so quick to have opinions on subjects they know little or nothing about. ”

    IRONY ALERT. What the hell is wrong with this lady? She gets PAID to offer her take on the world? We’re all doomed.

  2. Her elitist type is, I hope, a dying breed (and don’t even get me started on some of the anti-feminist columns she’s written. Urge to rant…RISING!)

    She either didn’t think this one through or she’s living under a meticulously clean rock. Like, hellooooo, there’s a conference called Blogher for women like us, for heaven’s sake!

    And let’s give the men some credit – there are some fantastic writers out there who are knowledgeable, articulate and aren’t necessarily getting paid!

  3. Marquette is one of the (few) upsets I called correctly, and as my bracket sinks to the bottom of the standings like a lead weight in the Atlantic Ocean, I am clinging to that.

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