It’s Selection Sunday — Time for the Ladies…Bracket Brawl!

Evan Turner's already had an exciting postseason -- can he keep it going?

CBS has just barely announced the lucky 65 teams in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and we here at Ladies… are ready to challenge you, our lovely readers, to a brawl. In other words, we’ve set up a Tournament Challenge group at, and are eager to see who among you can predict most accurately one of the most wide open tournaments in years.  Will Evan Turner’s Buckeyes do what Greg Oden’s could not?  Is John Wall going to pull a Carmelo Anthony?  Speaking of ‘Melo, can Syracuse pull off their first Final Four since Melo’s one-and-done season?  Are we ever going to see a miraculous 16 seed win?

If the winner of the Bracket Brawl is one of our readers, they will win their very own Ladies… post to write about whatever they wish (preferably sports related, of course).  The Ladies, on the other hand, are playing mostly for bragging rights.  (Which is really no small thing — that’s what I win in my family pool and it is very important. I do have two brothers, after all.)

To enter, use this link, and enter the group password, which is ladiesdotdotdot.   If the link doesn’t work, you can also look through the group directory for “Ladies…Bracket Brawl.” Best of luck, and may the best reader/Lady win!

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