We interrupt this hiatus for…uh, wrestling.

Okay, we know we’re on vacation and everything, but sometimes something so unspeakably awesome happens that we just have to say something.

Today? Mick Foley happened.

Let’s catch up on Mick Foley, shall we? He’s gone by ‘Mankind’ and ‘Cactus Jack’ and ‘Dude Love’. He’s wrestled using a baseball bat covered in barbed wire and once lost two thirds of his ear in the ropes. Oh, and his finisher before he retired from the WWE was Mr. Socko: a dirty sweatsock shoved into the mouths of his opponents. We are not making that up.

But that’s Mick Foley the performer. Mick Foley the wrestler. Mick Foley the showman.

Mick Foley the person?

Is donating the ENTIRETY of his latest book’s profits to Children’s Fund International (benefiting rape victims in the Sierra Leone) and RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

Oh, and he’s volunteering his time to work as an online counselor for RAINN’s support line.

We ladies may ogle, and we may joke, but in the end, we are a bunch of women writing about sports. We’re women.

We may not ever write about wrestling ever again, but we’re women. And as women, we salute Mick Foley.

And now we’re back on vacation.

9 thoughts on “We interrupt this hiatus for…uh, wrestling.

  1. Wow, that’s a great story, Maggie. Thanks for posting. :) It’s nice to see Mankind doing something very good for humankind.

  2. I heart this man! I was an avid WWF (Ok…WWE!) fan for a number of years against my better judgement. Stone Cole Steve Austin was my Jeremy Shockey. Yeah.

    Mick Foley seemed, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, too good for the wrestling racket. He is clever and funny and generous. And now completely amazing on another level.

    Glad to see his new gig doesn’t involve falling on thumbtacks or being thrown from the top of a cage to an announcers’ table.

    • There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the wrasslin’. It’s a soap opera with blood. What’s not to love?

      And honestly, Mick could never do another thing in his entire life and I will still be a huge fan, on this basis alone.

  3. Yeah, isn’t this a great story? It’s because of him I learned about the online hotline, which I am now applying to be a part of. I didn’t realize he was such a backer of RAINN, which was also founded by my favorite female artist, Tori Amos.

  4. I’ll admit to being obsessed with the WWF (before it became the WWE), back in the late ’90’s. Loved Mick Foley! I love him more now that I know he’s got a huge heart!

  5. Hi, this is Mick Foley (really) and I just happened to find this website. Thanks for all the kind words. There’s a line in this upcoming book, where I talk about volunteering on the RAINN online hotline, and I say that “it feels as important as anything I’ve ever done.” I’m really hoping that in addition to the financial donation, this book might help me shine a light on the problem of sexual abuse in our country, a subject that is talked about far too infrequently.

    Thanks again for all the nice words of support.

    • Mick:

      Wow. Thanks so much for commenting here. I won’t lie; I’ve been running around my basement yelling for the twenty minutes since I noticed this comment. After my fourth ‘So that happened, right?’ my husband told me to sit down and say something.

      So thank you. Not just for taking five minutes to comment on a random blog post about your efforts, but for your efforts in general. RAINN is an institution near and dear to my heart, and it’s incredibly gratifying to see someone wielding the power of celebrity to bring attention to a group that helps so many people. All of us here at Ladies… admire the fact that you’re spending actual time working the hotline in an effort to help as many people as possible. There’s doing something to help and then there’s Doing Something To Help, and it’s great to see someone doing the latter, especially with an issue like sexual abuse. It’s one of those things that no one wants to talk about, but that desperately needs attention.

      I’m looking forward to reading the new book. Any cause would be lucky to have an advocate with as much heart as you’ve obviously dedicated here. I’m just glad your good work is being recognized. Please keep up the good fight, and please continue to be as vocal an advocate as you have been. We ladies appreciate it.

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