It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This moment is the reason I live for deadlines. Feds GWG against the Rangers in Game 7.

If you read this site, you know that I’m a hockey addict.  That is why today is one of my favorite days of the year: NHL Trade Deadline Day!  With all the new technology available, Deadline Days have become even more fun.  Text message alerts? Check.  Twitter updates? Check. Live Blogs? Check.  Trade Trackers? Check.

If you, like me, enjoy a fun day of speculation and mind-blowing trades, then take a trip with me down the rabbit hole…

So I’m too busy chatting it up with fellow Caps fans and following trade trackers to do much today.  So my content here will not be much, but hopefully I can provide you with all the links you need to get you through the day.

 Want a good live blog that includes Twitter updates from knowledgeable, in-the-know tweeters?  Check out Puck Daddy

Don’t like Yahoo! or Puck Daddy?  Check out’s TweetMixx!

Need a good trade tracker?  Ya gotta go to Canada, of course. is the place to be today.

Still mad about the USA/Canada game on Sunday?  Then try out’s live tracker instead.

If you can’t be near a computer all day, but have a TV handy, tune into the NHL Network.  They’re carrying TSN’s TradeCentre coverage until 3pm EST.

Don’t get NHL Network? Never fret!  Check out TSN’s TradeCentre online!  

Not going to be near a TV or computer today?  No sweat.  Text TRADE to 81812 to get official trade updates from the NHL.

And don’t forget…if you follow a specific team, be sure to follow their beat writers’ blogs.  Almost every major newspaper has a team blog run by the lead beat writer.  Go there, for sure.

Happy Trade Day!

3 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. BTW I was ecstatic when that game 7 that you’re talking about went final. We were checking scores on our phones in the arena…then the last 1:20 happened in the game I was at.

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