In Honor of Valentine’s Day… The Best Sports Bromances

H/T to Your Nation's Capital over at Japer's Rink for the image. She put all the pretty hearts around my two favorite Russians: Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin!

Sometimes there is one person that can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It could be a spouse or significant other.  Sometimes it’s a crush or a close friend…and sometimes it’s a teammate.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day and teammate love, I bring you some of the best sports bromances!

Follow me after the jump to see if your favorite duo made the cut!

Disclaimer: I’m not putting these in any particular order, so I’m not saying one is better than the other.

John Stockton and Karl Malone

Stockton was totally Gilligan to Malone’s Skipper, maybe, depends who you ask.  Each of these guys know they would be nowhere without the other.  They played with each other for 18 years! Dedication! They love each other and it’s sooo cute. 

Do you feel the love? The Mailman loved his point guard!

Awww Hugs for Karl's little buddy!

Juan Dixon and Steve Blake

Just a note: I didn’t pick these two soley because of my Maryland bias.  They played together in college, won a National Title together, both were drafted by the Washington Wizards, both signed with the Portland Trail Blazers when they became free agents.  They follow each other, they love each other.

These two used to hate each other. True story.

So huggy!

Tony Romo and Jason Witten

T.O. knew what he was talking about when he accused these two of having secret meetings where they diagrammed secret plays involving only each other!  They vacation together, they play together, they LURVE each other!

Romo loves his Tight End. It's just a fact!


Ed Reed and Ray Lewis

I know, I know…”You’re SOOOO biased!!”  No, I’m not.  These two are the epitome of the word “Bromance”!  Lewis took his fellow Hurricane under his ginormous wings when Reed was drafted by the Ravens.  These guys are inseparable!

Ray Ray loves his baby 'Cane!

Daddy Raven let your Baby Raven FLY!!!

David Robinson and Tim Duncan

The teacher and the student.  Robinson was key in the development of Duncan, and the love between these two was obvious.  The love of the “Twin Towers” brought two NBA Titles to San Antonio.

"I love you" "No, I love you!" "No, I love you more!" "No, I love you more than more!"

Do you feel the love? I'm feeling it!

Ok so the next two “bromances” are sports-related, but neither of them are teammates.  This is like honorable mentions, if I was ranking these bromances, of course.

Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey

This bromance is well-documented.  From red carpets to hot tub parties, these two know how to roll – together of course!

Ok words are escaping me...uh...I want to be in between this bromance! haha

Dick Vitale and Duke/Cameron Crazies

Everyone that watches college basketball on ESPN knows that Dick Vitale is in love with Duke.  The Crazies love him right back.  I’ll never forget the night Maryland won the National Title and Gary Williams called Vitale, “Dukie V” live on the air.  Priceless.

These Crazies are AWESOME BABY! Barf

Ok so don’t think I forgot about baseball.  The MLB is home to my two dishonorable bromances.  Basically, bromances that have gone sour.  (These are not getting pictures, sorry)

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

These two loved each other when A-Rod was in Seattle.  They were BFFs!  They were always spotted together and always hanging out.  Then their dreams came true, and they were teammates.  Then Jetes learned A-Rod was a douche and now they’re frenemies!

Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte

These guys were closer than BFFs, they were like BFFL!  Pettitte was like Clemens’ little protege and Roger loved it.  Little Andy did anything that big, bad Roger wanted.  You know, like do steroids.  Well, Andy grew a pair and ratted out Clemens to MLB.  Needless to say, I don’t think they’re on each others Christmas card list anymore.

I know there are a bazillion more bromances out there, so share your favorites in the comments. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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