Congratulations New Orleans Saints, your Super Bowl 44 Champs

We could post picture upon picture from last night’s game and celebration, but let’s be honest, we’re all smitten with Drew Brees after the images of him holding and talking to his child while tears streamed down this face.

The proud papa brought the whole huge party back to a human level and there were plenty of folks who were crying right with him.

Congratulations, Drew, Sean Payton, and the rest of the New Orleans Saints. Well played, guys. Well played.

You can see tons of photos from the celebration and the game in this gallery at

7 thoughts on “Congratulations New Orleans Saints, your Super Bowl 44 Champs

  1. Sean Payton = Best. Playcaller. Ever.

    I loved seeing the players celebrating w/their kids; it was an even bigger awwww than the puppy bowl. :) And kudos to the Breeses for protecting the little guy’s hearing.

    • That was sweet. Also, as a mom, I couldn’t but think that if that had been one of my babies, she or he would be trying to tear those cans off their little head.

  2. The Brees’s baby is named Brylan and he has his daddy’s cute looks! An kudus to that other very hot Saint’s cutie Garrett Hartley!!

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