Hit and Run: Here Comes the Super Bowl!

Three more days to endure until Super Bowl Sunday.  Fortunately, I’ve had a busy week to take my mind off the waiting.  Also fortunately, there’s some great pictures coming out of Miami to whet your football appetite and save me from having to write too much.

First up, Daylife.com (via Getty Images), has a whole series of pictures of the painting of the turf, which I found fascinating.

Here’s a little further on in the process (on the Colts end zone, in the interest of equal time).

Flexible Darren Sharper iz flexible.

It’s Dwight Freeney!  Everyone stare at his ankle and see if you can figure out how badly injured it is. (I can’t tell if that’s a cast or just a shadow.)

Sometimes, photographers try a little TOO hard to get an interesting composition. (I believe the blurry legs belong to Sean Peyton.)

Aw, no one wants to talk to Daniel Federkeil.  (And I totally knew he was an offensive tackle without having to Google him, yup.)

Archie Manning says he’s rooting for the Colts because of his son.  But here he is in a gold blazer, accepting an award on behalf of the Saints’ offensive line.  Draw your own conclusions.

Don’t be like Archie: make up your mind and tell us who you’re rooting for in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Here Comes the Super Bowl!

  1. I feel like it would be wrong to cheer for the Saints since the Colts are my favorite team but I really want to cheer for he Saints. I guess it’s just one of those win-wins for me.

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