Hump Day Hottie: GreenLife52

It’s been some time since I showed the Caps some love over here, and a friend of mine sent me some gorgeous pics of the boys to use, so I thought, “What the hell? These are worthy of some Hump Day Hottie love.”  So that brings us up-to-date.

Today I bring you my favorite offensive defenseman and our resident wannabe thug – Mike Green.  I’ve shown you his insanely silly website before, but now let me show you some of his hotness.  Follow me after the jump for some Mike Green adoration.

Mike trying out a new 'do. I prefer the faux hawk.

Well maybe the faux hawk isn't working here. I'll attribute it to the fact he wears a helmet for a living.

There's the Mike Green we love and know. He hasn't updated in awhile, but follow him on twitter @GreenLife52. Pure comedy gold.

I love pics of Mike in uniform sans helmet. Adorable.

I'm a big fan of this picture. *drool*

I spotted this picture awhile back and knew I would post it here eventually. Adorable all around.

I want to give a special thanks to IRocktheRed (aka Sal) for all these great pictures of Mike Green (minus the last one).  You can check out her musings on the Caps here.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: GreenLife52

  1. He looks better when he covers the atrocity that is his hair. I like the ballcap photo.

    I gotta say, I would prefer “GreeneLife6” !

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