Ladies and stat nerds unite: in celebration of F-Gut!

Stat-nerds have been falling all over themselves in adoration of Franklin Gutierrez’s astounding CF defense, which is so stunningly awesome that the Mariners are hanging on to him for four more years. But don’t leave the F-Gut lovin’ to the statheads* – he’s someone the Ladies… can appreciate as well. Behold:

He is the WORLD. It says so right on his jersey.

*I, much like Crane, proudly belong to that set of people. Give me FanGraphs or give me death!

Hello, strong manly jaw. Nice to meet you.

Happy Franklin!

Happy Franklin!

You, uhh, got some dirt on yer pants, there...

You know why they put camera wells right next to dugouts?

Defense = sexy, amirite?

Please take Yuni back. I don't want him in KC anymore. I can't believe Jack Z tricked Dayton Moore into that trade. (Oh, damn, yes I can.)

Scoring another winning run...*swoon*

I got a little carried away in my photo search. A thousand apologies.

From Flickr user Fridayschild68 - nice work!

Remember that time Cleveland got suckered into trading this guy to Seattle? Hah, that was silly of them.

From Flicker user jedijanzen - nice work!

Aaaand, in plainclothes. That's the last one, I promise.

Are any of our Ladies… readers Mariners fans? Got any FGut stories? Please don’t tell me he’s some kind of raging douche…that would be so sad. But then again, defense like that might make up for it.

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