2010 Welcomes You… With Hotness!

2010 begins with a plea from this sports/man loving lady.  I believe in the power of intention and attraction, so let’s put our thoughts together, and will Jeremy Bloom back into the world of professional sports.

This guy has it all, Three-Time World Champion, Two-Time Olympian and Eleven-Time World Cup Gold Medalist Snow Skier.

He played football at the University of Colorado.

Had a brief stint in the NFL.

Did we mention he’s a philanthropist who founded The Jeremy Bloom Wish of a Lifetime Foundation that helps low income seniors experience their dreams.

Lest we forget his appearances in my favorite commercials for Under Armour.. Click Clack!

This guy has it all, and I want more of him in this fine year ahead of us!

5 thoughts on “2010 Welcomes You… With Hotness!

  1. Jeremy Bloom is perfect (in terms of hotness) as long as he doesn’t talk. I hate his fruity voice.

    Otherwise, he seems like a good guy.

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