Future Hump Day Hotties: IIHF World Juniors

While the world of hockey has been buzzing about the upcoming Winter Classic and the 2010 Olympics, the IIHF World Junior Championships have been going on in Saskatchewan, Canada.  I’ve been catching some of the premier games on the NHL Network, and tomorrow’s big match-up is USA vs. Canada. (Check it out live at 8pm on NHLNet in the US, and TSN in Canada)  In honor of this so-called clash of the titans, I thought I’d introduce the Ladies… readers to, what will some day be, a few future Hump Day Hotties. 

Right now, these boys are just cutie-patooties because they’re way too young for me (now – ahem).  So follow me after the jump for some up-and-coming hockey hotties, and stay for a mini-preview of tomorrow’s match-up.  (I promise the boys after the jump are hotter than the ones before it!)

First up… some Canadian cuties


Calvin De Haan – D

Pro Status: 2009 1st Round, New York Islanders

Birthdate: 05/09/91

Height: 6’0  Weight: 184


Alex Pietrangelo – D

Pro Status: 2008 1st Round, St. Louis Blues

Birthdate: 01/18/90

Height: 6’2  Weight: 204



Colten Teubert – D

Pro Status: 2008 1st Round, Los Angeles Kings

Birthdate: 03/08/90

Height: 6’3  Weight: 189


Patrice Cormier – C

Pro Status: 2008 2nd Round, New Jersey Devils

Birthdate: 06/14/90

Height: 6’2  Weight: 205


Stefan Della Rovere – LW

Pro Status: 2008 7th Round, Washington Capitals

Birthdate: 02/25/90

Height: 5’11  Weight: 200


Adam Henrique – C

Pro Status: 2008 3rd Round, New Jersey Devils

Birthdate: 02/06/90

Height: 6’0  Weight: 196



Now onto some cute Yanks


Cam Fowler – D

Pro Status: Draft Eligible

Birthdate: 12/05/91

Height: 6’2  Weight: 198


Jake Gardiner – D

Pro Status: 2008 1st Round, Anaheim Ducks

Birthdate: 07/04/90

Height: 6’2  Weight: 200


Jerry D’Amigo – RW

Pro Status: 2009 6th Round, Toronto Maple Leafs

Birthdate: 02/19/91

Height: 5’11  Weight: 200


AJ Jenks – LW

Pro Status: 2008 4th Round, Florida Panthers

Birthdate: 06/27/90

Height: 6’2  Weight: 205



Tyler Johnson – C

Pro Status: Undrafted Free Agent

Birthdate: 07/29/90

Height: 5’8  Weight: 171


Derek Stepan – C

Pro Status: 2008 2nd Round, New York Rangers

Birthdate: 06/18/90

Height: 6’1  Weight: 183

Team USA is coming off of a 12-1 beat down of Latvia.  Team Canada is fresh off an 8-2 win over Slovakia on Tuesday.  Unbeaten Team USA is looking for its first World Junior gold medal since 2004.  Team Canada has won the past five IIHF World Junior titles.  Team Canada is also unbeaten in the tournament.  The USA-Canada game will be for the Group A title and an automatic berth in the tournament semifinals on Sunday.  The game will be played at 8pm EST in Saskatoon and can be seen on the NHL Network in America and on TSN in Canada.

**Note** After doing some research, it is truly obvious that Canada takes their hockey seriously, including juniors.  It was like pulling teeth to find pictures of some of the US players.  When googling the Canadian boys, I had to narrow down which photos to use!  Just an FYI in regards to the total lack of really good shots of the American boys.

10 thoughts on “Future Hump Day Hotties: IIHF World Juniors

  1. Team Canada Captain Patrice Cormier was born in my hometown! Loving this, Raven!

    (and you are so not old. Much love, The Oldest Lady…)

  2. Goaltender Jake Allen is also from our current locale! Give it up for the local kid! :)

    Side note: 1990… oh my god they’re so YOUNG!!

  3. Yeah, the 1990 thing creeps me out. (I’m an ’82 baby)

    I love Adam Henrique with the facial hair. To bad Lou wont let him have it when he’s in NJ.

  4. Pam, I’m also an 82 baby. It’s creeping me out as well. And also making me think about Joshua Jackson in the Mighty Ducks. Weird…

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