Merry Christmas from the Ladies…

Toronto Maple Leafs

As I prepare this very post, my children are literally bouncing off chairs and squealing with anticipation (it’s Christmas Eve) and as much as I love this excitement I’m thisclose to reaching for the bottle of Crown Royal I saved for Mr. Bee’s stocking. Don’t worry, though – I’ll wait until they’re sleeping.

That Toronto Maple Leafs ornament has been going up on our tree ever since Mr. Bee and I started spending Christmases together, oh, 12 years ago, I believe. I love a good holiday tradition, especially ones that you can call your own, like reading “The Night Before Christmas” with your kids on Christmas Eve, Bailey’s in my Christmas morning coffee, watching the World Junior Hockey Championship on Boxing Day.

I’m not alone in all this holiday sportiness. For instance, CuteSports has her tree decked out in Packers and Badger stuff. For Raven, it’s all about the Caps on her tree. And today Games Mistress told us about making her Drew Brees gingerbread cookie (still giggling!)

What are your sporty holiday traditions? Please share them below!

Enjoy the holidays! I leave you with two gifts. One is courtesy of Minda via Royal Blues (and Minda, I am SOOO getting the Crayola markers out for this one. I may have more fun than my kids!)

The other gift is below.

Merry Christmas, readers! And Merry Christmas my dear Ladies…!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Ladies…

  1. Merry Christmas, Ladies… readers! We <3 you all so much!

    Lady Bee, I firmly believe that coloring is more fun now than it was when I was little…it's how I relax on REALLY stressful days!

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