Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 20

Five sleeps away from Christmas morning, and 56 sleeps until pitchers and catchers report! Awesome! Today’s Advent Calendar of Hotness reveals the Yankees’ newest addition in the outfield: Curtis Granderson!

Detroit Tigers
Fun facts about Curtis Granderson:

  • he has degrees in Business Marketing and Business Management from the University of Illinois-Chicago;
  • he looks great in a suit;
  • he looks even better in pinstripes;
  • he became a member of the exclusive and elusive 20-20-20 club in 2007;
  • he has a MySpace blog where you can read about his adventures as an MLB ambassador;
  • he wrote a book to inspire 4th graders in Michigan;
  • he’ll wear #14 for the Yankees this year – the number he wore in high school and the number his dad, Curtis Sr., wore in adult softball league (awwww…)
  • and he was 2009’s Marvin Miller Man of the Year for his on-field and off-field accomplishments.

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers

New York Yankees

Thank you, Santa Cashman!

5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 20

  1. Awesome. I love the message inside the hat brim. And the hotness in a suit.

    By the way, Advent Calendar of Hotness = Best. Idea. Ever.

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