Rest in peace, Chris

I’m not going to pretend I know much about Chris Henry. I know enough that he spent his career in Cincinnati, that he played for West Virginia, that his 2009 season was cut short by a thigh injury, and that he was working hard to turn his life around. You already know that.

But when I look beyond the drama, the career stats and the lost potential as a player and a person, I know enough to say that this is simply heartbreaking. Children have lost a father. A family has lost a son. A team has lost a valued colleague.

Our thoughts are with Chris’s family and teammates.

2 thoughts on “Rest in peace, Chris

  1. It really is so very sad. He had finally got his act together, then the first game he is fully healthy, he breaks his arm and now this. Even though I wasn’t to thrilled initially when they resigned him, I was really pulling for him. I cried all the way through Sportscenter yesterday and this morning. Seeing the Ocho so distraught and Carson dedicating the season to Henry and DC Zimmer’s wife just breaks my heart.

    All my prayers to his family, especially his kids, and the team.

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