Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 16

You knew it was only a matter of time….

Yes, today’s hottie is Joe Mauer. Frankly, I needed a pick me up and nothing does that better than Joe here.

It’s embarrassingly difficult to find pictures of Joe that we haven’t already used (and shamefully shocking that the shutterbugs aren’t out there fulfilling the need for more Mauer spreads)

And as though we didn’t all already have enough reason to love on Joe, here’s a pic of him loving on his mom and grandma. Only a picture of him covered in puppies would be more heartwarming (And if such a picture exists, we need to see it NOW)

9 thoughts on “Advent Calendar of Hotness: Day 16

  1. I totally wanted to piggyback off this and pretend he could also be the Hanukkah Hunk for last night, since Mauer is a common Jewish name. But alas, Joe is not. Still, so so hot!

  2. Good choice! He is a delicious dish! I love me some Man Muscles! And you are correct, not nearly enough pictures of the man exist.

  3. Katie K- thanks for the link! It ruled! Living in Canada, I don’t get to see the ESPN Sportscenter commercials unless they’re online.

    (By the way, I almost caught myself typing “Sportscentre”)

  4. Katie – fellow Wisconsinite and Rodent and Viking-hater! Welcome! I love you already!

    Isn’t it funny that we hate all things Minnesota but kind of don’t care enough to hate the Twins?

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