I have to do this eventually, I might as well do it now.


It was supposed to be the Yankees.

It wasn’t.

I’m going to miss you, you know. I’m going to miss that little sliver of hope that the rest of the team would play as well as they’d need to in order to deserve you, and I’m going to miss having someone to believe in every fifth day (or really, every day), and I’m going to miss everything about the way you affected the team and the city and the fans. Hell, I’m not just ‘going to’, I already do.

I’m not saying the Jays have nothing to play for anymore – just that it’s going to feel that way for a while.

So I’ll see you around, I guess.

I don’t know when I’ll be ready to say goodbye.

4 thoughts on “I have to do this eventually, I might as well do it now.

  1. In a sick way, I wanted it to be the Yankees. Just so I could see Doc more often than not. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure.

    “the worst Christmas gift in the history of mankind” – Amen.

  2. I’m glad it’s not the Yankees. I didn’t want the traitor AJ to have the privilege of playing with Doc again. And it would have totally broken my heart to watch him win with the evil empire.

    Like you, I’m going to miss watching that beautiful man who pitches like a poet I’m still thinking of walking away from the Jays because the heart just went out of the team. And all those Philly fans who’d rather have Cliff Lee…well, you just don’t deserve him.

    I still think it’s a crying shame we couldn’t have him win here. I’m hoping he’ll do a Dave Steib and end his career here, where he still might win with us. We got Dave the ring eventually and I hope we could repeat that for the finest player to ever grace the Jays uniform.

    I’m going to go cry now.

  3. Hi. I am the Phillies fan who understood we had to let Cliff Lee go in order to be able to have Roy Halladay play for us. Granted, we ended up with Lee in the end, but that is not the point. I remember yelling at people “We gave up and Ace for an Ace! Come on! You don’t trade a Hyundai for a Corvette! You people should look at Halladay’s stats; it will curl your toes!” But Phillies fans can be stubborn, to say the very least.

    I like to think I was one of Doc’s first fans in Philly. See, when I heard we were getting him, I hit the web to see what I could find and, well, come on! What is not to love?!! Class, integrity, astounding pitching skills, leadsership, dedication, charity work… 6’6″ with a smokin’ hot ass…Roy Halladay is the total package.

    My boyfriend and I were in Toronto last September. Decided to take in a Jays game (I like visiting ballparks) and made a sign that said “This Phillies Fan Thanks You for Doc” People bought me beer and that was cool.

    So, yeah, there are some people who are all kinds of obsessed with Cliff Lee around here, and I do understand it. But, as for me, I am with you ladies; I love Roy Halladay. Period.

    Oh, yeah. My boyfriend said he would understand if I left him for Roy, too! And I added that he would likewise do the same! Ha ha ha!

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