Hanukkah Hunks: Night 1

Sundown tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah, and we here at Ladies… would like to take the opportunity to recognize some of our favorite Hanukkah-celebrating sports hunks throughout the holiday.  Night 1 hottie is after the jump.

I figured I would represent us Jewish Ladies… and start this off with a long time Ladies… favorite.  O hai Brad Ausmus!

As of this season, the former Astros (and more recent Dodgers) catcher ranked ninth in major league history in career games as a catcher.

He’s also a three time Gold Glove winner.

He also likes puppies.

He’s also really freaking good looking.


Stay tuned for a new Hanukkah Hunk every night!

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Formerly of Buffalo and Rochester and now of NYC, I am an extremely loyal Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan since birth. I *used* to support the Yankees, but Mr. Buffalita has since showed me the err of my ways and has converted me (almost fully) to a Mets fan. Come on, you think I would have had Mr. Met at our wedding otherwise? Feel free to drop me a line at buffalitanyc@gmail.com for story requests, tips, or photos you'd like to share!

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