Ask the Ladies… Where the NFL Hotties Are (Part 2)


Cheesy, yes. But who can resist the smoldering eyes of Mark Sanchez?


Last week, we began the onerous task of helping a reader find an NFL team to cheer for. Karen has informed us that she has narrowed down her options to the Pats, Saints and Ravens. But Karen, before you make a decision, please consider a fourth option: the New York JETS. Games Mistress takes the handoff after the jump.  

OK, I’ll be honest: being a Jets fan isn’t easy.  We haven’t won a Super Bowl in 40 years, we’re the second class team in our own city (we don’t even play in our own city), and we may be the all-time NFL leading team in Pyhrric victories (This year’s example: beat the Oakland Raiders 38-0, lost our best kick returner and second string running back to a broken leg.).  There’s a reason why the acronym SOJ (Same Ol’ Jets) is well known around the New York metropolitan area.  

Still, there are lots of reasons now is a good time to become a Jets fan:  


Again with Mark Sanchez


We have a hot rookie quarterback who has shown flashes of becoming the franchise quarterback we’ve long needed (Editor Bee’s Interruption: though, sadly, he injured his knee because he didn’t follow Yankee skipper Joe Girardi’s good advice on sliding. Kellen Clemens will guide the Gang Green in Tampa this weekend.)  

We acquired hot receiver Braylon Edwards mid-season.  With new players in key roles, the offense still needs time to gel, but they are at least pretty to look at while they try to figure it out.  

The Jets defense, on the other hand, is often a unit of absolute beauty.  Meet Darelle Revis:  

And corner Kerry Rhodes…  


(Ed. Bee’s note: despite this, we hope to see more of Kerry soon!)  

When I adopted the Jets as my team after moving to New York in 2002, I did so because 1) we had a young, cute, quarterback (although that one also had an adorable Southern accent), 2) a candid head coach, and 3) I have a blinding hatred for Jeremy Shockey (who played for the Giants at the time).  Now we again have a young, cute quarterback, a candid (and hilarious) head coach, and Jeremy Shockey plays for this year’s bandwagon team, the New Orleans Saints. Beat the bandwagon fans; pick a team with lots of potential and LOTS of bonus eye candy.  Pick the New York Jets.  

Many thanks, Games Mistress! I heartily endorse this selection, though perhaps a Part 3 may also be in order. I hope we’re not making this decision difficult for you, Karen.  

Got a question you need answered? Feel free to Ask the Ladies…  

6 thoughts on “Ask the Ladies… Where the NFL Hotties Are (Part 2)

  1. I think I’m going to have to take the blame for jinxing everyone I wrote about superlatively in this post. Sanchez hurts his knee, Rhodes gets benched, the defense allowed a 100 yard rusher for the first time all season …. if something happens to Revis I’m never writing about the Jets again.

  2. Games Mistress, you do make a compelling argument; I would be in good company as a Jets fan, with two of my besties favoring them AND I look great in green.

    In my defense of the Saints, it’s not really bandwagon jumping if you’ve never paid attention to the game before 6 weeks ago is it? Plus, the team’s primary draw is Drew Brees. :)

    Geez, now I’m all confused and I don’t know which direction to head for choosing a team. I feel regional broadcasting setting in… I think I need more info, Ladies…

  3. PS: Despite the smoldering eyes, that first pic of Sanchez is pretty hilarious. He looks like he’s going to murder whoever made him look so ridiculous, and rightfully so. ;)

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