Heisman Hotties of 2009!

It’s that time of year again for the NCAA football boys – the Heisman Trophy will be awarded this coming Saturday, December 12 at 8pm! In between our delicious advent calendar of hotness posts, I bring you our five adorable finalists just announced tonight.

1. Colt McCoy, Texas QB. A fine choice if you ask me. He volunteers, he’s got a completion percentage of 70.5%, and look at that smile!

2. Mark Ingram, Alabama RB. 4 words: last week vs. Florida. Ingy had 3 rushing TD with his 113 yards along with 76 receiving yards. Nuff said.

3. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska Defensive Tackle. A superb prospect in the 2010 draft, Big Suh will MESS YOU UP. Don’t call him cute though. He’ll mess you up for that too. I’m pretty sure his arms can eat me.

4. Toby Gerhart, Stanford RB. Though my loyalties somewhat lie with Stanford men right now, one still can’t deny that 1) he’s a kickass running back, running for 205 yards against Notre Dame last week AND scoring 3 touchdowns AND making a TD pass himself, and 2) he’s just too sweet looking. Don’t you want to just hug him?

5. Tim Tebow, Florida QB. Last, and in my opinion, definitely least, we have Timmy. Timmy threw a fourth quarter interception against Alabama. Timmy cries. And while Timmy is hot and a definite favorite of both ladies everywhere and Heisman voters (he won his sophomore year already), I’m still a little bitter that I had trouble finding a decent image of him not attached to some skank. Dry those eyes, Timmy – Saturday’s another day, another award ceremony for you.

So there you have it: our 2009 Heisman Hotties. Based on hotness and talent combined (because of COURSE they both matter), I think I’m going with my friend (and son of former Giants star) Ingram.

Who do you think will win and why?

7 thoughts on “Heisman Hotties of 2009!

  1. I think it’s going to be Ingram because for the first time all the votes were done electronically and a lot of people waited until after last week’s games. But I’ve been really impressed by Gerhart, so I’d love to see him win, or Suh, just because defensive tackles never win these things.

  2. I want Suh to win it, but Ingram or Colt will. It’s a pet peeve in our household that it’s always a QB or RB that wins or is even considered. It is high time a defender (who doesn’t also play offense/special teams) or OL wins it, damn it!

  3. I agree with you thistle. It is a little annoying to see no love going to the big boys. BUT, as a Bama fan, of course I am pulling for Ingram! Hoping he brings home the 1st Bama Heisman!!!

    • It is so hard to believe that Alabama has never had a Heisman winner. Especially when you consider all the talent that has come out of the program.

      I’m also pulling for Ingram and hoping to see #Tebowtears

  4. I know. You would think a University with 12 National Titles would have at least one Heisman winner. The closest they have come is 3rd I believe. If I remember correctly (I was YOUNG!) it was David Palmer around the time of the last NC (1992).

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