The Ladies … Give Thanks

I am thankful both these men wear Cardinal red.

Games Mistress is thankful both of these men wear Cardinal red.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving from the Ladies!

While we’re thankful for family, friends, and the chance to stuff ourselves with food while in the company of said family and friends, we here at Ladies… are also thankful for what the sports world has given us over the past year.

Buffalita: 1. Football pants. does a booty good. Especially on the BILLS new QB signing Brian Brohm ♥

2. Hockey fights. It otherwise could be a very boring, fast paced, and confusing game. But throw a couple of sweaty cute dudes in the mix with sweat and helmets flying and you got yourself a lady hockey fan!

Lady B: I am thankful for baseball. When winter is at its bleakest, that countdown to spring training makes life worth living. AND it gets my mind off the Toronto Maple Leafs not making the playoffs.

Crane: 1. Roy Halladay.
2. Roy Halladay.

Minda: I am thankful for Zack Greinke, and all the people who didn’t let him quit baseball forever. Without those people, KC fans would have had no reason to even care about the Royals this summer. And with time, the gift of Greinke keeps getting sweeter. The Cy Young win was an excuse to watch his highlight reels on repeat, and we got the added bonus of learning that he’s becoming a saber-nerd like his teammate Brian Bannister. Together, they’re bringing FIP to the masses!

Having Thanksgiving be an opportunity to appreciate the Royals is an odd thing, but anything that brings the joy of summer to the bleakness of the impending winter is better than all the turkey and stuffing in the world.

Raven: 1) GMGM. That’s Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee. (Get it?) Thanks to this wonderful man, my hockey team is kickass.  I now know what it feels like to experience playoff hockey because this man is a genius.  I should also shower the Caps PR staff with some thanks, if only for coming up with the idea for the sexy photos on this site.  I do not, however, thank them for the site.

2) Art Modell.  Hate me all you want Clevelanders.  If this man hadn’t moved his team to Baltimore, my city still wouldn’t have a team, and my excitement for football on Sundays would be non-existent.  I love my Ravens, even if at times it sounds like I don’t.  That’s just the pessimistic Baltimore sports fan in me.  Plus, if we never had the Ravens, then this gem never happens.

3) David Steckel’s parents.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Steckel for procreating and making such a beautiful human specimen.  Seriously, how can you not fall madly in love with this guy?

4) Fantasy Sports.  I LOVE fantasy sports.  It forces me to be a better fan.  If I didn’t play fantasy, I would not know that Clete Thomas is hot.  I watch Canucks games hoping that Shane O’Brien gets in a fight so I can win the PIM category that week.  No matter the season, no matter the sport, I’m checking a fantasy site.  Wait – maybe I shouldn’t be thanking the inventor of fantasy sports because now I don’t have a life.  Ahh double edged sword, I guess.

Games Mistress: I am thankful that I am dating a Saints fan so I can have a good reason to jump on the bandwagon.

I am thankful that Albert Pujols and his three MVPs belong to Cardinals’ history.  (I would, however, be MORE thankful if we could sign him to an extension soon.  Please?)

Lady Liz: I’m thankful to my family for raising me to be a Yankees/Giants fan. My sports watching experiences would have been a whole lot more heartbreaking if I were raised a Mets/Jets fan. And speaking of the Giants, I am thankful they will be playing this Thanksgiving on what otherwise would have been a boring football day. I can’t bring myself to get excited about a game involving the Lions. Sorry, but I just can’t. And watching the Cowboys win is one of my least favorite things to do. They are playing the Raiders. The odds of them losing are slim.

Aren't you glad Mario Manningham has to work Thanksgiving?

The Blonde Bomber: I’m thankful for a new stadium and new championship ring.

I’m thankful for the comeback ass whopping of my boy Peyton against that punk Brady!

I’m thankful for a trip to the Rose Bowl for my Buckeyes, in spite of a sub par season!

Over the last five years, one of my teams has won it all in either football or baseball eight times. I’ve gotten a little spoiled. Still, I’m thankful that when I wander down to see a baseball game, I’m seeing a Phillies game. They may not be the World F*cking Champions (Thanks, Chutley) again this year, but they still gave me an extra month of baseball to care about.

I’m thankful that I got to listen to Harry Kalas call games for twenty years, and that I got to watch him sing ‘High Hopes’ in person. I’m thankful that, before we lost him, he got to call the last out of a Phillies World Series win.

I’m thankful for basebrawls, cheesteaks at CBP, chardonnay at Fenway (shut up, the other option was Bud Light), Jerry Remy, the Phillie Phanatic and the fact that Spring Training is only fourish months away.

And I will be eternally thankful for anyone who puts Brett Favre on his ass this season.

CuteSports: I’m thankful for:

* being part of this kickass group of gals who know their BAPIP, butts and bundt cake – we’re well-rounded Ladies…

*warm summer days tailgating with my boyfriend and sitting outside watching the Brewers – my favorite way to spend  a day (and the thought of that getting me through a long, cold, not-yet-started winter)

* no more Favre/Packers mediapalooza’s this season.

Happy Thanksgiving!  What has sports made you thankful for this year?

6 thoughts on “The Ladies … Give Thanks

  1. I’m thankful for:
    Hard Knocks-Child Please!
    The Bengals kicking ass
    Pens winning the Cup
    The birth of a new Bengal fan
    And of course the Ladies… and Ladies…commenters! :)

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