Ladies… Guide to Thanksgiving Day Hotties


One of the many reasons I love football...too bad we're not on speaking terms right now.

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving, besides the food, is football!  So to get you ready for tomorrow’s games, I thought I’d showcase a few hotties from the six NFL teams playing tomorrow.  Some of you have rooting interests in the game, whether it be personal preferences or fantasy points.  For those of you who don’t have any rooting interests, here are some hotties that might just keep you interested in the games.


Follow me after the jump for some hotties to keep an eye out for on Turkey Day!

First up…

12:30 pm – Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions (Fox)

Green Bay Packers

Jordy Nelson

Spencer Havner


Detroit Lions

Drew Stanton

Brandon Pettigrew


4:15 pm – Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys (CBS)

Oakland Raiders

Jon Condo


Nick Miller


Dallas Cowboys (and, yes, I am going to go there)

Miles Austin


Tony Romo (haha, I went there!)


8:20 pm – NY Giants vs. Denver Broncos (NFL Network)

New York Giants

Kevin Boss

David Carr


Denver Broncos

Peyton Hillis

Brandon Stokley


So there you go…enjoy!  And don’t overdo it on the pumpkin pie…or beef cakes!

5 thoughts on “Ladies… Guide to Thanksgiving Day Hotties

  1. Peyton Hillis is the finest looking man I have ever laid eyes on! And he’s a tank! :) Great work Hillis, you’re looking fine, and carrying the Browns :P

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