Hump Day Hottie: Brendan Shanahan

So Young...We Ladies are equal-opportunity oglers.  That is, we don’t discriminate when it comes to sports hotties, young or old.  Some of you may consider today’s HDH to be on the old side of the spectrum, but some of us here think he’s quite handsome.

Brendan Shanahan announced that after 21 seasons in the NHL, he was finally hanging up his skates.  What better way to honor his impressive career (Can you say 19 playoff appearances in 21 seasons?) than with a hump day hottie post chronicling his career in hot pictures?

Follow me after the jump for a trip down memory lane.

Rookie Card love

Rookie Cards = Love

3-Time Stanley Cup Champion with the Red Wings

Shanny with the Wings

Spending some time with Sid the Kid and the Canadian team

The Youngest and Oldest Team Canada Members

Shanny spent some time in NYC

Nom Nom Nom

D'Bag and Shanny

And finally…I love a hot hockey player out of uniform!

A big stick tap to Lady Bee for suggesting Brendan! And apologies for being so late with this post.  First off, I was totally stumped until Ms. Bee passed along the retirement link, and then my computer and wordpress decided that they weren’t speaking today, so I had some technical difficulties!  Enjoy!

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