Oh good, another person for me to have no respect for.

What the hell, Bud Adams?

Ok. So lets review.

1. You flipped off…Buffalo fans at the end of a game, nay, the end of a quarter where your team just scored 24 points. Ok. The fans were egging you on, weren’t they.

2. You’re too old to be doing such silly crap. Aren’t you someone’s grandpa? Great grandpa?

3. Your team ultimately WON 41-17. Were you mad? Could anything really upset you at that point?

4. UM, YOURE F*!@#!&ING OLD, DUDE!  If you were any other old, crotchety, angry, disgruntled fan, then people would let it slide or the crazed Buffalo security guards might waggle a finger (no pun intended). I’m sorry, but no excuses here. You’re rich. You’re one of the more watched figures at this game. You should be setting an example of sportsmanship, class, southern charm, something. Instead, you’re apparently threatened by some silly drunk chunks a few rows ahead of your luxury box so with several dozen cameras flashing and rolling, you start flipping the fans off like a Texas gunslinging? Dude. Your team may have won, but even TO isn’t that lacking in the class and people-are-watching-you mentality.

I welcome anyone who wants to defend him, but I stand by my position that his actions were really just plain stupid, no matter what age. At least the $250,000 fine should shut him up. Hah who am I kidding. Why not next time just cheer like all the other drunk imbeciles that get “caught up in the excitement of a great day”? Chill out. No one, not even the Bills or Bills fans, get that carried away.

That being said, Bud is now on my shit list. Respect no more. Regardless of whether there was any or not. And it could have been against any team and I would have called him a silly old idiot with terrible judgement. But NO ONE disrespects my fellow fans, gramps.

3 thoughts on “Oh good, another person for me to have no respect for.

  1. He only keeps his crazy ass in Tampa because his health went downhill and he has to. If he was healthy, his crazy would be out there like he always does.

    If I had a team, you bet your ass I would be doing the same thing. I would also be taking out ads in all the opponent’s local papers the day after the game with a picture of myself giving the finger. This incident is a great example of what’s great about old people.

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