Be Gentle… It’s My First Time!

One of the great things about the ladies assembled here is love and fandom spanning all spectrums of the sporting world.  The majority of these ladies however, know something that I did not, hockey rocks!

Last Friday I had the immense pleasure of attending my first NHL game. The Caps faced the Minnesota Wild.  Sadly, Ovechkin wasn’t returning for this nights match-up… but I’m not complaining.

I consider myself pretty well rounded when it comes knowledge of a wide range of sports and the rules therein… but hockey… I’m clueless!  I was close to, “Who’s winning the match Pa?” on more than one occasion!

I always said that the two legit sports I could never get behind were soccer and hockey… for different reasons, but still, there they are.

I mean, you invest in a game, watch, watch, watch- look away for a second to pound your giant chili cheese nachos and sip on a beer, and bam! GOOOOOOALLLL!!!

That happened precisely like that, but luckily The Caps scored three goals, so I caught the other two.

The things I was appreciating about hockey include, but are not limited to, the rowdiness of the crowd, the sick video montages on the jumbo screen, two opportunities to replenish your beers without missing any game, players names that are unpronounceable, the juxtaposition of graceful skating to slamming someone’s head into the glass, and certainly… the Zamboni!!!

Ever since Brandon Walsh and his Zamboni loving ass introduced me to hockey in the 90s (really it was NHL 94) I’ve been obsessed with driving one of these things!  Today that desire lives on!

The verdict- where several are gathered for the common goal of getting inebriated, comatosed on food, rocking jerseys and cheering their team to a win… I’m IN!

You will be catching me at several more Caps games this season… but not until I pick up Hockey for dummies!

4 thoughts on “Be Gentle… It’s My First Time!

  1. If you want to see a real game, you should go when the Penguins come to town! One of the best rivalries, every game is like the playoffs!

    Love the clip…”I’m gonna make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed for super-fan no. 99 over here”

  2. TBB – Glad my Caps were so accommodating! We’ll have to meet up for a game this year since I am a STH.

    Hockey is an awesome sport, and it’s even better when experienced live. I attend many different sporting events every year, but nothing beats a hockey game. I’ve been slowly trying to convert all my friends into Caps fans. It’s getting easier the better the team gets! haha

  3. Hockey is the best. Glad you liked it.

    Zamboni is a brand name, not the name of the machine itself. That is actually an Olympia Ice Resurfacer pictured there. Not that it matters!

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