World Series Poll-o-rama

I have some very happy neighbors, not to mention fellow Ladies, this morning.  (And one not so happy Lady — my condolences, Maggie!)  The Yankees won their 27th World Series last night; Hideki Matsui won the series MVP after tying the record for RBIs in one World Series game (6).  But before we officially adjourn to the baseball off-season, let’s vote on some stuff!

How about the Series MVP?  (Hey Tim McCarver gets to vote for the actual one, why shouldn’t we award our own?)

There’s also an issue of pressing importance that has been nagging at us Ladies the entire postseason.

The Yankees fans among us may want to revel in this season a bit longer, but here’s one final poll for the rest of us.

Oops, that last poll got away from me a bit.  Um, congratulations Yankees!

5 thoughts on “World Series Poll-o-rama

  1. As much as I love my boys Hideki and Andy (bring ’em back, Cashman, please?), I think Cliff Lee needed to be included on that list of WS MVP’s. Two fantastic games, both wins, one complete, that behind-the-back defensive catch in Game 2.

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