Inappropriate Fatheads

LebronDunkFatheadSo I came up with this feature as a new twist to “Caption This!”  See, a coworker and I were looking at Fatheads for no apparent reason.  When you click on one, it will give suggestions for others.  Well this lovely LeBron James Fathead popped up as a suggestion.  We both thought it was sorta inappropriate.  It kind of looks like he’s thrusting his crotch in your face.  So then we thought of some other sports pictures that would make inappropriate/funny Fatheads.  And the idea was born.

Follow me after the jump to see some funny and highly inappropriate Fatheads. 

Brandon: Gee Mommy…I really want a Brett Favre Vikings Fathead!  Can you puh-leeeze get me one?

You really have to look at this one, but I bet Mommy wouldn’t approve…well she might, I guess, if she had a dirty mind.




Brandon: Dear Santa…I really want a Ray Lewis Fathead for Christmas. I swear I’ve been a really good boy.

Santa: Nice try, Brandon.  You’ve been a brat…so you’re getting a CrackHead for Christmas.





Brandon: Hey Dad…I really want a Fathead of teammates celebrating a great touchdown reception.  Do you think they have a good one?

Dad:  Well son, I know you love the Panthers, so here ya go!





Brandon: Dad, do you think A-Rod and Jeter are really best friends?  Billy and I think they’re truly great friends, and we want to grow up and play for the Yankees and be best friends just like them!  I want a great Fathead that shows how great of friends they really are!

Dad: Ok, son, I’ll find the best A-Rod and Jeter Fathead they make!  We’ll hang it in your bedroom, and you and Billy can be just like them!





Brandon: Mom, I really love hockey! It is sooo cool!  I want to be a big defenseman and beat people up!  The best, big defenseman in the NHL is Zdeno Chara!  I really want his Fathead.  Can you please, please, please, puh-leeze get me one?

Mom: Sure thing Brandon!  Let me get on the Internet and order you one right quick!

**Warning: You might want to shield your eyes.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!**




And just to be clear…the kid’s name is Brandon…I didn’t make that up.  It says so on his bookshelf!

6 thoughts on “Inappropriate Fatheads

  1. the kids in my youth group gave me a Tom Brady fathead for Christmas last year. but inappropriate fatheads are an even better idea!

  2. Wow, I nearly peed myself laughing! Do they still have custom fatheads available? You could actually have one your very own (except for the nekkid one-I’m sure they’d draw line at that)!

    • They have custom fatheads, but you have to own the rights to the photo, so unless you took a slightly inappropriate picture, you could probably get it made into a fathead. I tried uploading a couple of these to see a preview but it didn’t work. haha

  3. This was worth it for the last one. I almost died.

    I own a fathead. It’s in my living room. I realize this makes me a dork and I don’t care.

  4. I’ll say this – If they ever made a Mike Green fathead, I would order it, put it on my wall and stare at it every night! Now who’s the dork?

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