There’s always something with New York sports

Giants Eagles Football

Yep. Giants sucked. Jets sucked. Yankees didn’t do it tonight (Monday). Mets…let’s not go there. Sometimes it’s tough being a New York sports fan. After watching an exciting Game 4 of the World Series (which I’m still holding to my Saturday prediction that the Yankees will take the Phils in 6 and it’s now looking quite possible), I had to reflect back on what a different season my 2 New York baseball teams had. After the jump, the truth – in photos…

That's right. 40th Pennant.

So let’s begin with the better of the two, naturally. The New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers. The Pinstripers. Ending their regular season with 103 wins and 59 losses, this moment above really captures the excitement and the typicality that is The Yanks. Here they are winning their 40th AL pennant against the Angels…


…and here is one of the more amazing moments in franchise history.


These are some of the moments that defined Yankee season of ’09.


On the other hand…

Scaredy Franheart

This is Jeff Francoeur. Some of you may remember how I threw a hissy fit when the Mets traded Ryan Church for this hack. Some defended him. Others were with me. And above is why I stand by my feelings (thanks FanIQ). Oh and this just in – Franheart just had thumb surgery. I guess when you shy away from balls like a champ, some minor appendage is bound to mess itself up. Here’s to a speedy recovery, pal. Not like it actually made you a better hitter or anything.


And then we have this.

FMart Faceplant

This is Fernando Martinez, aka F-Mart. Go ahead. Google Fernando Martinez. One of the top strings that google will suggest in Mozilla actually says ‘Fernando Martinez Faceplant’.

And with 70 wins and 92 losses, these are the kind of defining moments the Mets had for their 2009 season.


(and some of my loyal readers wonder why I can’t shake the childhood love of the Yanks)


PS – A Burnett can bite me. Yeah I said it.

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Formerly of Buffalo and Rochester and now of NYC, I am an extremely loyal Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan since birth. I *used* to support the Yankees, but Mr. Buffalita has since showed me the err of my ways and has converted me (almost fully) to a Mets fan. Come on, you think I would have had Mr. Met at our wedding otherwise? Feel free to drop me a line at for story requests, tips, or photos you'd like to share!

5 thoughts on “There’s always something with New York sports

  1. Thanks Buffalita! Your picture of the Captain lifted my Game 5 blues a bit this morning. Someday, I may stop talking about how great that night was.

    Burnett can bite me as well, and not in a playful way. For that matter, Chutley.

  2. I was getting lunch at Subway and they are running some contest where the grand prize is tickets to the Jets-Bills game in Toronto and I instantly thought “Who would want to win that contest? We’re just going to lose.” Being a Jets fan is so fun.

    (No offense to our Canadian ladies and friends — the free trip to Toronto would be the best part.)

  3. It was just not the Mets’ year. But even after all the injuries and misplays and front-office fuckery, I think, “It could be worse. They could be the Washington Nationals.”

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