Cuties of College Hockey – 1st WCHA edition

While plenty of these young men are hot, hot, hot, I feel a little like a creepy old woman calling college boys hotties, so this on-going look at the pretty faces of college hockey is going to be about the cuties!

First up, half of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. The conference is a bit on the larger side, so we’re doing this one in two parts.

Today’s post features Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Denver, University of Alaska-Anchorage and Bemidji State.

First up, Wisconsin’s Aaron Bendickson. He’s a senior forward from Theif River Falls, MN.

13 bendickson

Next is Badger Cody Goloubef. Cody’s from Ontario and played for Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championship’s last year. He was drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets.


It’s difficult for me to talk about some of Wisconsin’s opponents in positive terms, but a few of these other WCHA cuties could definitely soften my disposition toward the rest of the conference.

This is Minnesota’s Mike Hoeffel, who was drafted by the New Jersey Devils.


Here’s Alaska-Anchorage’s Kane LaFranchise

kane lafranchise anchorage

and his teammate, Swedish cutie Mitch Bruijsten

mitchbruijsten anchorage

This is North Dakota’s Chris VandeVelde

chris vandevelde nodak

And his fellow Sioux teammate Evan Trupp

evan trupp nodak

This is Bemidji State’s Bradley Hunt

Bradley Hunt bemidji

and his teammate, another Swedish cutie, Emil Billberg

emil billgerg bemidji

and last, but not least,

Meet Denver’s Dustin Jacksondustin jackson denver

6 thoughts on “Cuties of College Hockey – 1st WCHA edition

  1. Adorable! But I know where you’re coming from Cutesports. This explains my heavy emphasis on 30-something athletes.

    But you’re doing an important public service here! ;)

  2. I have a secret crush on Mike Hoeffel (it doesn’t rival my former secret crush on Mike Crowley, though).

    Also, it came to my attention last night that Craig Smith of Wisconsin is very, very cute.

    Now I need to think about Don Lucia some more so I don’t feel like a creepy old woman.

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