Happy Halloween!

How are you spending your Halloween?

On one end of the spectrum for the Ladies…, Miss Minda is off partying it up in Madison, combining college football and one huge Halloween party. On the other,  I’m doing absolutely nothing. But whatever you’re doing today, you can appreciate some awesome sports-themed carved pumpkins.

Raven suggested the idea, so follow the jump to see her attempts as well as a few more sports-inspired pumpkins.

First is Raven’s Baltimore Oriole pumpkin


I’m not sure anyone can top this one – here’s Raven’s Alex Ovechkin pumpkin:


Seriously, girl – that’s hard core!

Next is an awesome Bucky Badger salute that I saw on Bucky’s Twitter feed:


The next is a friend of mine’s made using the handy templates the Brewers provide on their website: (do other teams do this? They should!)


Here’s a Blue Jay Crane found via Twitter – another great mascot!

Blue Jay


And one last one I found on our newspaper’s website that proves you don’t need to make a single cut or deal with any inner-pumpkin goop to get a cool pumpkin:


Share your favorite do-it-yourself or professional versions in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Thanks Bee! I’ve been doing sports-themed pumpkins for awhile now. I think I’ve done every Ravens logo I could possibly find! I decided I needed to try something new, so I tried a face! Ovi was perfect since he already has that jack o’lantern smile!

  2. That is really fantastic, Raven. I always feel accomplished if I can get the triangle eyes on my pumpkins roughly the same size.

    CS, those Brewers pumpkins just make me miss the old school logo.

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