First Season Fan: New York Knicks


I’m not the world’s biggest NBA fan. I have probably watched a total of 10 games my whole life. But the truth is, I never really gave it a full chance. Well this year is different. Baseball season is practically over. Football is only one full day and then one night a week. Having both hockey AND basketball during the weekday, should keep me entertained. I love college basketball so I figure if I give the NBA a real chance, I should like it as well.

All my teams I have adopted from my family. I grew up with them as my team and it has never changed. That could be one of the reasons I’m not an NBA fan. No one in my family really watches so I was never around it. My father is a casual fan. However, his favorite team is the Celtics. There is no way I would ever root for a team from Boston. I just wouldn’t feel right doing that. Choosing a team to follow wasn’t hard at all. I’m a total New York homer. The Knicks were my only real option.


The Knicks may not be the greatest team, but they do have some serious eye candy!

There are three things I know about the Knicks for sure without looking it up: 1. Their full name is the Knickerbockers. 2. Danilo Gallinari is really cute. 3. They suck and have for awhile now. There will be no bandwagoning for me. I’m not gonna be making my first season as an NBA fan easy. From what I’ve been reading, this season shouldn’t be much better than the last few. No playoffs and a losing record. They already started the season losing to the Heat 115-93.

So I’m think this should be an interesting experiment. But I’m really going to give it a try. I’ll check back periodically with updates on how I’m doing. I promise to always have a picture of Danilo included so you all don’t get bored reading my complaints of how much the team sucks.

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