Hump Day Hottie: Fantasy Hockey Edition

Bonus hottie!

Bonus Hottie!

Since I love hockey, it’s only natural that I have a fantasy hockey team.  This year I’m playing under the name “I Laich It!” for Brooks Laich.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t put up awesome fantasy stats so he’s still on waivers.  Anyways, I like to draft players that I like, and I usually like hot players.  So as I was perusing my roster and wondering what to post about this week, I thought to myself, “Self…you have a pretty hot roster.  Maybe you should share these hot boys with the Ladies… readers.”  So that is what I’m doing.

So follow me after the jump and check out my hot fantasy team!  I promise not to disappoint!


So I’m not going to show you everyone on my roster because not everyone is a hottie.  But I do have a enough to fill a starting lineup. 

First up…

Nicklas Backstrom, C, Washington Capitals

The Super Swede! Female Caps fans love his blonde locks.  I love his assists!

The Super Swede! Female Caps fans love his blonde locks. I love his assists!

Michael Cammalleri, LW, Montreal Canadiens

Mike Cammalleri

Mike has been my go-to goal scorer. Ahh and he's dreamy, too!

David Backes, RW, St. Louis Blues

David Backes

I love this guy...I found a picture of him working at a puppy rescue, but it wasn't that good. So in review: he's hot and saves puppies!

Shane O’Brien, D, Vancouver Canucks

Shane O'Brien

Shane is a cutie, but his only purpose on my fantasy team is get me PIMs!

Shane O'Brien

Shane gets two pics only because he's shirtless in one!

Brent Seabrook, D, Chicago Blackhawks

Brent Seabrook

I love Seabs, even though he's not looking at the camera in this picture.

Mike Green, D, Washington Capitals

Mike Green

Of course, I have way too many Caps on my team, but I had to draft my boy Mike! I had to threaten a guy in the league so he wouldn't draft him before me! tee hee

And last, but not least, I needed a hot goalie:

Jose Theodore, G, Washington Capitals

Jose Theodore

I told you I had too many Caps players. This picture is a bit of a bonus. You get Neuvirth (L) and Varlamov (R), too. I just turned down a trade for Varly this morning, too.

5 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Fantasy Hockey Edition

  1. I thought of you when I drafted Mike Green in my hockey pool. He is my 6th highest scoring player right now (#1? Zach Parise! YUM!)

  2. I had Mike last year, but I got him in like the 2nd or 3rd round. He was a first rounder this year. I had to change my team name from “Game Over” (Mike’s nickname from 2 seasons ago) because Mike didn’t live up to his nickname last year. lol

    Pam, I wanted Zach soooo bad, but he went early. And I get what you did there and I love it! haha

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