Lusty Locks

In honor of Troy Polamalu’s return to the field yesterday and because this commercial

never fails to make me laugh, we’re starting off Monday morning with an ode to boys with long hair.

What is it about the long tresses that make them so appealing? Common sense says most of us wouldn’t like a man that is more high maintenance than we are, yet it’s hard to resist the appeal of these gentlemen.

Of course, there are drawbacks – there’s nothing quite as gross as thin, stringy, sweaty hair – but somehow, these guys overcome that.

So what do you think? Long hair on athletes? Yay or Nay?

First up, the most luscious of the lusty locks, Troy Polamalu:

Steelers PolamaluL


Not a favorite of mine, but many of you harbor a serious Rafael Nadal crush:

Rafael nadal

Spanish soccer hottie Sergio Ramos has some of the prettiest man hair:sergio20ramos204ff8

The Yankees have reigned it in, but Johnny Damon used to rock some serious lusty locks:


Quarterback David Carr had one of the fuller heads of hair in the NFL (please excuse Jake Delhomme, but I couldn’t resist the pic of Carr with locks a’flowin’):


And we wouldn’t want to forget one of the most popular long hairstyles, the dreads. Many athletes sport them, but Laurence Maroney will be our representative, mostly because I want to keep looking at his arms in this picture:


Any other guys you can think of to add to the list?

6 thoughts on “Lusty Locks

  1. I LURVE the hair as long as it’s well cared for. I’m a big fan of Somlian hair, particularly Polamalu’s–it’s not frizzy like Peko’s or Maualuga’s. Kyle Turley, on the other hand, EEWWW! Seriously man wash your hair or cut it!

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